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Daniels Health services a wide range of cities across the US, providing comprehensive and compliant medical waste disposal solutions

In the United States, medical waste disposal regulations and EPA requirements for the management of healthcare waste vary in each state. As a healthcare provider, it is important to understand the regulations that govern your state to ensure that your waste handling and treatment processes are compliant. To assist with navigating the medical waste and sharps disposal requirements that exist for your state, we've built an extensive library of blogs that review guidelines in your area and what regulatory bodies to research.


State Regulation Blogs


Click below on your region to access local pages that showcase Daniels Health locations and service capabilities, waste classifications and regulatory guidelines. Alternatively, you can contact us to learn more about medical waste disposal near you.

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To view local RMW regulations, for various Daniels Health locations, visit our regulated medical waste map page     Click Here  


Why Choose Us? | Customer Testimonials

Our clients choose Daniels Health for reliable and compliant medical waste management services, praising our dedication to safety, efficiency, and exceptional customer support. Read to learn about their experiences with Daniels Health.

  • "Daniels is a true partner..."

    Daniels has always been professional, courteous and responsiveness to our needs. A pleasure to work with in all phases of the business, from customer service to delivering outcomes necessary in a very competitive marketplace. Daniels contributes to our organization from the standpoint of Safety, Productivity, Quality and Environmental awareness. Daniels is not just a solutions provider, but a true partner in our business.

    Tim Underwood, GM Facilities – Aramark, Ingalls Memorial Hospital
  • Daniels impact on efficiency...

    Switching to Medismart saved our organization nearly $13,000. We also reduced the non-productive time that my staff had been spending switching over disposable sharps containers, and the number of trips for one of my staff members to pick up RMW containers, by 50%. That allowed us to focus more on the cleaning of the hospital in other areas.

    Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager, Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
  • "Reduces our footprint..."

    We take pride in improving our environmental footprint; this is one of the reasons we selected Daniels Health for medical waste removal services. Daniels technology reduces our waste footprint and needlestick injuries. Our working relationship with Daniels has been simple, reliable and easy for the hospital. I would readily recommend Daniels to other healthcare facilities.

    Bill Brandow, EVS Director, Anniston Regional Medical Center