Industry-Leading Document Destruction Solutions

Daniels Health is a family-run organization which for 38 years has had an unwavering mission to make healthcare safer. 

Across our national footprint, Daniels Health offers fully integrated confidential document destruction services to our healthcare customers, completing the circle on safe and secure cradle to grave waste management. For all document destruction services, we carefully vet our vendors and their products to ensure they align with our core values. Our vendor partners are NAID certified and ensure that we are meeting all the requirements when providing services to your organization both against the highest HIPAA and compliance benchmarks.


Best Practice Shredding Services

Safe and secure shredding management is at the core of the Daniels Health offering, with this same level of care extending to confidential document shredding. confidential document shredding. All services are integrated into Daniels' waste service model with account management and system wide education facilitated through our expert team. Through our service integrated approach, Daniels Health will be able to support the reduction of dock time, labor, and carbon emissions while driving standardization in best-practice shredding service. Our collection and compliance-prioritized destruction processes minimize facility disruption while providing transparent tracking of shredding material.    


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Key Program Features

A Single Vendor

Integrated service and account management for all waste streams generated within your hospital. 


Utilizing routine document flow audits will allow full transparency across key metrics. Data points include comprehensive container location list and services per container.


A security risk assessment of your current shredding program can be provided 


Cost savings can be achieved through frequency and container adjustments, and with exact cost per service and no ancillary fees your invoices will be simplified. 


Daniels Health enables significant diversion of waste by recycling 99% of post shredding material into other paper products. 


Our service excellence is proven across our customer base; local infrastructure with backup trucks ensure service assurance and agility. 


A dedicated account management team and product experts ready to work directly with you to ensure a partnership is built. Routine service audits, assessments, reporting analytics, detailed container counts and locations, and frequency and container optimization. 


By utilizing NAID trained professionals, locked industry specific containers, a destruction process that exceeds standards, and providing a Certificate of Destruction at each service.

Key Service Differentiators

What can you expect when changing systems? 


Full Service (Point of use exchange), we will install new containers, maintain, and manage your shredding program. A calendar service of service will be provided for all locations, service frequencies will be designed by site (daily, weekly, bi-weekly , monthly). One time purge projects, hard drive destruction, and media destruction facilitated as needed. We have an industry gold standard DIFOT score of 98.5%, and we hold our shredding partner to these same standards.


Secure chain of custody guaranteed with documents shredded on-site or off in line with NAID and industry requirements. Completing the chain of custody is a recycling program where 99% of the destroyed material is deinked, pulped, and recycled into other paper products. 


NAID AAA Certified (Partners), HIPAA Compliant Process, fully bonded & insured, Certificate of Destruction after each service. Audits of service, utilization, frequency, & container counts available on request.