Servicing All Waste Streams for US Laboratories


Sharps & Regulated Biohazardous Waste 

Trace Chemotherapy Waste 

Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste 

RCRA Hazardous Waste 

Rx Controlled Substances 



Regulated Waste Partner Driving Sustainability 

Daniels Health helps laboratories achieve sustainability goals like Net Zero or Zero Waste-to-landfill through innovative waste collection, disposal, and treatment.

We handle all waste streams safety and securely - eliminating the complexity of managing multiple vendors.

Daniels products and waste processing solutions are engineered for minimal environmental impact

We provide the safest, reusable containment systems that are robotically sanitized between uses to a level 4X higher than CDC requirements.





Our Annual Output

Million Containers processed through Robotic Washlines
Tonnes of plastic diverted from Landfill
Needlestick Injuries Prevented
Tonnes of Greenhouse Gases Reduced

Environmental Wins For You

  • Reduce single use plastics with reusable devices
  • Dramatically reduce regulated waste volumes and treatment emissions through proper waste segregation practices
  • Robotic washing process – recycles 80% of water and reduces energy in hot-water production
  • Reporting – Easily track and report waste volume reductions

BioTech Lab Waste Solutions

Effective and safe biotech waste collection, disposal and treatment solutions that restrict microbial contamination and workplace risk.



Pharmaceutical Lab Waste Disposal

We provide reusable disposal options for small to large quantities of pharmaceutical lab and pharmaceutical manufacturing waste. Ensuring secure and compliant solutions for all regulated waste.


Science and Research Lab Waste Solutions

From sharps to hazardous waste management, we can handle any waste any place - using secure and compliant practices.



A Full-Service Support Partner


Dedicated human account manager with direct contact info. No 1-800 numbers. Our goal is to support you with safe and compliant cradle-to-grave waste management solutions. 


Provide fully assembled reusable containers, flexible pickups, and accommodate waste fluctuations. We own the container manifest - so you don't have to.


Appropriately match container type and size for each waste stream. We provide education materials and training on proper segregation and disposal of all waste. 


Our compliance team provides reliable reporting, certified waste documentation, audited composition analysis, and regulatory-governed waste output reporting. Plus we offer RCRA and DOT training.