Company Overview


Daniels entered the US healthcare market in 2003 as the clinical alternative for medical waste management and disposal. Challenging the long-instilled practices of medical waste being managed as a back-of-dock service with no infection risk considerations, Daniels ushered in a new standard of risk prevention by putting safety, intelligent movement and clinical design at the forefront of its medical waste management practices.

The 2015 EXPO-STOP blood exposure survey estimates that each year 320,000 needlestick and other sharps related injuries are sustained by healthcare personnel in the US. As a safety-focused company, we are passionate about reducing this number. With safety as our primary driver, Daniels has invested millions of dollars in R&D to develop world-leading leakproof containment systems, robotic washing processes achieving the highest levels of bacterial load reduction, and a suite of space-optimizing accessories that enable hands-free operation and point-of-use accessibility.

Daniels recognizes that a clinical environment requires a clinical solution - Safety in an infection controlled environment is not simply a ‘nice to have’. 

With the second largest healthcare waste service infrastructure in the United States, and years of collective experience and expertize in the clinical space, Daniels Health is the unrivaled expert in infection risk reduction sharps and waste solutions. In fifteen years of servicing thousands of US healthcare brands, Daniels has earned itself the reputation of not simply a “provider” of solutions, but a “partner”.
Daniels’ advocacy for safer hospital waste solutions has helped rewrite global hospital standards, its peer reviewed pedigree has earned it best-in-class recognition worldwide, and its commitment to environmental sustainability has driven the innovation of a suite of reusable products, in-hospital waste solutions and non-incineration waste treatment technologies that dramatically reduce CO2 burden.

Across the United States, we are Making Healthcare Safer