Where will a career with
Daniels take you? 

At Daniels we have a strong vision that drives us every day. Whether this is preventing needlestick injuries and quite literally saving the lives of healthcare practitioners, or whether it is creating a platform that will facilitate our team to grow and find strength, courage and fulfillment in their careers; we are passionate about empowerment.


We don't fit the a-typical workplace; we're extremely entrepreneurial, we value leadership above degree, we believe in creating a family culture that empowers success rather than manufactures it, we believe in service at the most basic levels, we believe that what we do every day makes a difference. Our business is not a fit for everyone, but if what we stand for excites you, we would love to connect with you. If you do not find a job of interest, you can simply submit your resume for general consideration.




Plant Operators

Our Plant Operations team is responsible for delivering quality product and reliable scheduling for our healthcare partners

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Join our 100+ strong team of Class A and B drivers providing medical waste services to healthcare facilities across the US.

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Field Service

Does working in a hospital every day float your boat? Our Field Service team serve inside the four walls of a hospital, exchanging containers and supporting clinical staff

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Customer Service

In our support office, and our operational facilities, we are constantly on the lookout for individuals passionate about customer service.

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Business Development

Are you driven to sell, does the thought of engaging with key decision makers at leading healthcare facilities inspire you? Explore a sales career with Daniels.

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Account Management

In an account manager role, you will be supporting with education, audits and KPI management with leading hospital brands across America

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Meet the team

Meet our People & Culture team! These are the friendly humans who will be guiding you through your career-finding process! 

Jude Duff

Chief People Officer View Linkedin profile

Keely Sibbald

Executive Director - People & Culture, North America View Linkedin profile

Guy Simon

Payroll & Benefits Administrator View Linkedin profile

Bek Daniels

Talent Acquisition Director, North America View Linkedin profile

Elizabeth Conde

Talent & Systems Administrator View Linkedin profile

Sydnee Hogan

Talent Acquisition Specialist View Linkedin profile

Stephanie Chrisos

Senior Talent Advisor- Operations View Linkedin profile

Mackenzie Organ

Talent Acquisition Supervisor, Operations View Linkedin profile

Sabrina Gates

Talent Advisor, Operations View Linkedin profile

Maggie Vaci

Talent Acquisition Lead- Sales View Linkedin profile

Julia Baginski

Talent Acquisition Coordinator View Linkedin profile

Steven Sceerey

Payroll Specialist View Linkedin profile

Holly Cunningham

Talent Acquisition Coordinator View Linkedin profile

The Daniels Hiring Process

Mackenzie has been integral in connecting talented individuals with our open operation roles. Her tenacity and perseverance to find the right people for the right roles has helped us fill the bench to the mark we're at today. But... we are still growing! Continue reading to learn more about Mackenzie's journey and our People and Culture team below. 


Our US Business

Customers Partnering with Us
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The Company is Growing...

What an exciting time to be part of the Daniels family!  The company is growing and the momentum is palpable. As an Account Manager, I’m thrilled to bring our corporate values and vision to life with our customers. I am passionate about helping people, and Daniels empowers me to do just that. I partner with my clients to help control costs, improve efficiency throughout the hospital and increase safety for staff and patients. We at Daniels literally help to save lives every day. What could possibly be better than that?

Jennifer Maru

North East Regional Sales Manager

Entrepreneurial Environment...

It is truly inspiring to work within an organization that is packed with passionate individuals who work together from all levels of the company. Daniels provides you the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment where you are the master of your development and success. Being responsible for Compliance, its exciting in a continuously evolving industry to remain ahead of all regulation changes.

Kyle Little

Compliance Manager

Focused Team...

I continue to be inspired by everyone that works here at Daniels. We are truly a team focused on highlighting each other’s strengths and supporting weaknesses. I feel extremely blessed coming to work every day knowing I am making a positive impact in someone’s life. Over the last couple of months we have seen a tremendous increase in the customer experience thanks to many process improvements and dedicated individuals. Getting those “wins” no matter how small keeps me energized day in and day out.

Hadley Wade

Customer Excellence Advocate

I Believe in my work...

I love working at Daniels because I feel I make a big difference to both my customers and colleagues alike.  What we do isn’t necessarily glamorous, but it is critcally important to healthcare facilities, employees, and ultimately patients.  I truly believe in and work every day to forward the cornerstones of Daniels, safety and sustainability.

Christie Chipley

Senior Account Manager

Communication and Trust...

From when I first started with Daniels, I knew this company was special. I am impressed everyday with how hard we all focus and stay driven to provide the best service we can provide. Open communication and the trust we build with our customers is remarkable. Daniels Health helped me stay humble and create a path to my goals of being a better person.

Chris Burke

Field Service Manager

I found a Career...

When I started at Daniels Health I was just looking for a job, instead I found a career. It can be intimidating to enter the work force as a young adult, especially if you leave school still wondering if your degree choice was right for you. Daniels helped me quickly realize where my natural talents could be used. In turn I am in perfect-fit career. I came to Daniels Health as an Administrative Temp and am now in a Digital Marketing Career that will likely be what I do for the rest of my working life because I enjoy it so much. Daniels Health is a great place for a hard working person to develop professionally..   

Netti Ambriz

Digital Marketing Specialist

My Journey...

My journey began in 2009 as Field Service Manager and, within 18 months expanded to include five other regions. My favorite part of the journey has been helping build the foundation for long-term company success. Every day we are writing the standards and establishing the building blocks for generations to follow. As a company culture, we are a Family! We think as one, act as one, learn as one, and succeed as one. We recognize 'unique' and empower talents and abilities to come together to help achieve our common goal – “Making Healthcare Safer”

Chris Macke

National Rollout Manager

Beyond all expectations...

Within just a short year of joining Daniels, I have evolved personally and professionally beyond all expectations. Working for an innovative company, you are empowered to adapt. We hire good people who are passionate about making a difference. This shared bond between my co-workers makes for the ultimate company culture. Leadership has our back every day and offers true mentorship to those who are curious enough to seek this type of growth. Our mission to “Make Healthcare Safer” is no simple task, and we are all in it for the long haul.

Sasha Spektor

RFP Specialist

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