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Our team of account managers are our customer serving team in hospitals and large healthcare facilities helping to expand relationships and grow accounts. Their job is to ensure that our healthcare partners are receiving the very best that Daniels has to offer; that service programs are streamlined, KPI targets are being met, staff are educated and exercising safety and diligence in waste stream management, cost and environmental targets are being achieved, new opportunities are being recognized and cultivated, and adequate product and services are being delivered appropriate to hospital need.  


From humble beginnings, Daniels Health is today the second largest medical waste provider in North America with capacity to service 87% of the hospital bed market in the United States. Established to provide turnkey safety containment solutions for sharps disposal, Daniels quickly achieved national notoriety through scientific journals and hospital case studies for its dramatic impact on needlestick injuries and infection control as well as its innovation-forward approach to healthcare waste management.

As an account manager with Daniels Health, you are responsible for upholding our clinical vision within the four walls of healthcare and ensuring that our customers’ experience with Daniels is nothing short of excellent. You will be accountable for the successful deployment of new systems, education programs, reporting, audits, maintaining an understanding of changes in program needs, as well as being the point person for issue escalation and relationship management. Working with key accounts, you will also be responsible for optimizing profit margin through upsell opportunities and efficiency-driving initiatives.  


Your role will be varied! You will have the opportunity to interface with every aspect of our business – operations, logistics, clinical education, compliance and sales, while having full empowerment to drive positive changes for our customers and immobilize internal teams. For our account manager positions, we are looking for people who are passionate about customer service, strong in salesforce diligence and issue escalation, confident in driving change with a “make it happen” attitude, and are doers rather than talkers – being an anchor service provider for healthcare means that we carry a responsibility every day to offer services that protect the safety of healthcare workers; joining Daniels you become a torch-bearer of this mission.   



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Some of our benefits


Daniels Health boasts stable career growth in a recession-proof industry. Our North America business has grown year on year and historically experienced our greatest growth and innovation in periods of economic decline.


Included in the salary package of this role is a car allowance. Whether a local or regional oversight role, travel is required for all account managers and we are committed to ensuring your time and costs are compensated.


Daniels Health’ salary compensation includes both a fixed base and a commission component based on account margin uplift. Commissions are uncapped so you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny when it comes to how much money you pocket.  



A career with Daniels will see you working with C-Suite and clinicians alike. In your role you will gain incredible exposure to life within the four walls of a hospital, while gaining transferrable skills across sales, education, KPI reporting, clinical audits, supply chain, operations and customer excellence. 

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I believe in our purpose...

What I enjoy the most is interacting with our healthcare partners, being there for them and being their consultant. I love the fact that what we do impact healthcare workers and make their safety a priority. I love all our product and I believe in their purpose. My moto is: “We make healthcare safer and more sustainable one container at a time …" All of this and more motivates me every day to get up and do what I love doing.

Olja Sheremeni

Jr. Account Manager

Encouraged & Supported...

The thing I like best about working for Daniels Health is that it is a large company yet maintains its small-company feeling. I feel encouraged and supported to be not only the best salesperson I can be, but also to be my best self. You can see and feel the investment Leadership has in the products as well as in the team, and that helps form a real collaboration where opinions and thoughts are heard and implemented. I truly feel like I am part of a real family, not just an employee at a company.

Christie Chipley

Senior Account Manager

An invaluable experience...

Over the 2+ years with Daniels I have been given the opportunity not only to grow my sales career, but have a role in developing processes for the operations, account management, and customer excellence team. Management and senior leadership have encouraged me to expand my skillset and have a vested interest in both me and my teams professional development. Having the opportunity to work alongside senior leadership has been invaluable to my success thus far and is something not many companies are able to offer.

Jack Breslin

Sr. Non-Acute Sales Specialist

We are like family...

I started my career as a Field Service Manager in November 2011. Having a great customer service background and coming into a new industry, there was a lot to learn regarding medical waste. After building knowledge of the business and customers, I transitioned to our Business Development team. What I enjoy most about working at Daniels are the people on our team specifically the Midwest but throughout the organization and our customers. The collaborative work with both parts of the business is what I enjoy most. At Daniels, we are always collaborating with our customers to create better solutions. Along with the personal relationships I have built with our Midwest team over the years, I would say we are like family.

David Castillo

Account Manager