Our Medical Waste Processing Facilities

Daniels Health has the second largest service infrastructure for medical waste in the United States. With 30 treatment plants and transfer stations, we have built an impressive service network to ensure the highest level of customer service, scheduling flexibility and seamlessness of operations is achieved. 



All Daniels facilities are outfitted with Bondtech full vacuum steam autoclaves, which accept up to six large carts per treatment cycle and heat the contents to an average of 285°F using pressure of 30 psi. Our Autoclaves are powered by natural gas and use a boiler to generate steam for treatment of the waste.  



We have high quality security cameras installed at all locations to ensure complete visibility of all operations. As guardians of the cradle to grave waste responsibility of our customers, we take no risks in the safeguarding of high risk wastes, including pharmaceuticals. We have an ongoing commitment to train and educate staff, with on-site management to monitor plant activities. 


Tracking Technology 

Daniels has a fleet of over 255 trucks nationally. All Daniels vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology.