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Our Global Locations


Founded in Australia in 1986, Daniels is now strongly established in six countries with a service model scalable to all sized healthcare facilities. Governed by state and federal compliance, EPA regulations, and industry norms in each country it operates from, Daniels Health have forged a strong credible name in healthcare throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa for its innovative products, seamless service solutions, and safety/infection risk reduction focus.

Standards and Regulations

“…safety, environmental impact, and cost… Daniels has exceeded our expectations in all three areas.”

James Herrera, Northern Michigan Supply Alliance, USA, Project Coordinator


Our Treatment Processes

At Daniels Health we believe the environmental implications of our treatment activities are of paramount importance; to minimize carbon footprint, we subscribe to the most environmentally responsible treatment methods for medical waste in accordance with EPA guidelines and only incinerate medical waste where mandated. 

Our Fleet

Daniels has over 115 trucks in its national service fleet. To ensure consistency of customer experience, service expectations and familiarity with customer requirements, most medical waste pickup/dropoff services are fulfilled by Daniels Health personnel, and all vehicles are licensed to meet all regulatory requirements. 


Our Medical Waste Processing Facilities

Daniels Health has the second largest service infrastructure for medical waste in the United States. With 28 treatment plants and transfer stations, we have built an impressive service network to ensure the highest level of customer service, scheduling flexibility and seamlessness of operations is achieved. 


Sustainable Operations

At Daniels, we minimize Greenhouse gases primarily by offering
reusable medical waste containment systems that minimize a significant amount of energy
in the manufacturing, movement, treatment and disposal of disposable containers.