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Safe, cost-effective, clinically designed medical waste containers for pharmaceutical disposal

With safety at the forefront of its solutions, more pharmacies are choosing Daniels for its secure, compliant and safety-first pharmaceutical waste and regulated medical waste services. 



As a full healthcare waste management partner, Daniels works with you to take the complexity out of correctly disposing of RCRA pharmaceutical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Expired, unused and/or returned medications must be classified correctly and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations. Failure to dispose of correctly can result in heavy fines and penalties. Daniels Pharmaceutical waste container systems are leading a new wave of medical waste disposal and containment designed first and foremost to protect. Partnering with you, Daniels provides leading medical waste container systems, access to an easy-to-use drug identification and segregation database, RX Destroyer, and training and compliance solutions that ensure you are protected. Daniels reusable Pharmasmart containers form part of a safeguarded medical waste journey that eliminates tampering, pillaging and misappropriation of discarded pharmaceuticals and protects your cradle to grave responsibilities.


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With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Daniels has the solutions and expertise to protect assist pharmacies in the total healthcare waste management of pharmaceutical waste disposal and RX Destroyer use. We work with you to review, analyze and streamline your pharmaceutical waste stream, and provide (and train) you with a powerful, yet simple to use, waste classification software system. 

Daniels Health has undertaken intensive research into best practices around the world to develop our compact and economical pharmaceutical waste management system. Daniels' cost-effective, customized pharmaceutical and RCRA service will take the guesswork and compliance risk out of your pharmaceutical waste segregation.





The most innovative and cost-effective
waste solutions for Pharmacies


Inbuilt container safety trays prevent unauthorized access, and permanent locking mechanisms eliminate risk of tampering, pillaging and misappropriation of discarded pharmaceuticals.


Dramatically reduced waste costs by customized scheduling, elimination of disposables and on-site solutions to effectively segregate hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals.


Daniels online ‘Waste-ID’ database enables easy identification of pharmaceuticals and their required disposal method. Your custom inventory is updated weekly with the latest classifications to ensure you are always in compliance with drug disposal. 


High quality security cameras are installed at all Daniels locations to ensure complete visibility of all operations; as guardians of the cradle to grave waste responsibility of our customers, we take no risks in the safeguarding of high risk wastes.


Our ecologically designed solutions positively impact sustainability targets, minimize landfill and help reduce CO2 burden for healthcare facilities.


Experts in navigating the complexities of local and federal regulations, Daniels partners with healthcare facilities to ensure compliant practices are achieved through all waste management practices, and facility risk exposure is minimized.

What's the process

We understand that your time is valuable, so we don't waste it. Our simple, hassle-free approach ensures your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Assess Your Needs

A Daniels consultant will contact you directly to understand your current program and assess your pathological waste management needs. 

Customize Your Solution

Our expert team will work with you to customize a solution according to your facility requirements.

Approve and Commence Service

Once a quote has been generated and approved, we will immediately commence servicing your facility. Our flexible services can be adjusted to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

"Daniels delivers the best service..."

We switched to Daniels from Stericycle last year. The quality of service is better than previous suppliers, and the containers are safer for the staff to use. It’s nice to have a rep that we can communicate with and get timely help from; a lot of companies don’t have reps that will come on site and work through issues. As far as we’ve seen in the industry, Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

Jennifer Chura, Purchasing / CPD Supervisor

Midtown Surgery Center

"Partnership in Sustainability..."

Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

Tammie Johnson

Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee

"Daniels is just wonderful!..."

We are a free clinic with no means of support except for grants and donations, and therefore depend on fairly priced services for the clinic. Daniels is just wonderful!. The key points are dependability, professionalism and affordable pricing. The driver does a great job, personable and helpful and the entire program is really low maintenance. I am happy to recommend Daniels because of all they provide for us

Paul Tyrer (Office Manager)

SE In. Health

Why I Rely on Daniels

Daniels drivers are extremely courteous, and it is obvious they are trained and knowledgeable in their field. All Daniels Health representatives that we have had the pleasure of working with are knowledgeable and have been of great help to us.

Mackenzie Friend HT (ASCP), Safety Officer

Mid America Pathology Laboratory

"Fewer Interruptions..."

With Daniels' larger containers we have fewer pick-ups which means fewer interruptions for our support staff in the ORs. With hazardous waste, it’s important to have a provider that's compliant with DOH policies. Daniels demonstrate this through their safe containers and staff education initiatives (BBP training, in-services, OSHA guidance, etc). Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

Jennifer Chura, Purchashing / CPD Supervisor

Midtown Surgery Center