Why choose Daniels?

Here’s why.

Daniels has always chosen a path of improvement over convention. Our uniquely designed and engineered medical waste products and systems have benchmarked safer healthcare standards globally, and our definition of quality and value has always been judged against the yardstick of the lives we can save.

Our medical waste management services are time-tested to deliver unprecedented results in total cost reduction by aligning your needs, processes, training and products. We guarantee that we can deliver a far better solution than you currently have.

We partner with you

Daniels Health delivers a dramatic shift from the traditional ‘loading dock’ approach that medical waste companies generally provide. 

We don’t just show up and ship your medical waste – over 32 years of experience has shown us that through partnership with our customers, we can help you develop waste plans that will deliver in the short and long term, both cost efficiencies and sustainability and safety improvements.

Healthcare Safer

Safety sits at the very core of our company vision - protecting people and communities, and minimizing healthcare-associated risk. Evidenced in multiple case studies, published journal articles and customer testimonials, our products and services are proven to dramatically reduce needlestick injury rates, minimize infection transfer through waste handling, and substantially improve the risk profile of all organizations that generate and handle healthcare wastes.

Sustainability that
delivers efficiencies

Our composite solutions, products, service, training, treatment and processing, together achieve the highest standards of sustainability and carbon emission reductions in the indust

Choosing reusable products to reduce environmental impact, placing segregation at the forefront of our training, and offering revolutionary medical waste processing and washing methods that are proven to achieve the highest levels of microbiological efficacy, Daniels has taken the greening of medical waste to the next level.

Systems that optimize waste
efficiencies and lower cost

At Daniels Health we’re solutions driven. We’re always working to optimize the efficiencies of healthcare environments through process re-engineering, redefined waste handling methodologies and the provision of smart logistical solutions. 

Our range of products and accessories are engineered as interchangeable solutions and are customizable to meet any space, movement or logistical challenges. And our unique tracking technology provides intelligence on the movement of waste, allowing us to improve waste segregation and minimize volume usage. 

We’re sure our methodology can significantly improve day-to-day waste stream efficiencies at your facility.

Redefining your waste handling
and segregation efficiencies

Achieving optimum levels of safe waste handling and segregation efficiencies in a healthcare setting, relies heavily on a dramatic behavioral shift. Day-to-day behaviors and processes quickly become deeply rooted in routine, and logical solutions are often bypassed.

Our waste mapping experts work in partnership with you to design the optimum flow of material from point of generation right through to the final collection point before processing or recycling. Identifying ‘flow’, potential hazards and obstructions, and safety or segregation inhibitors, all play a core role in delivering cost savings.

Education that
drives change

Daniels Health has an ongoing commitment to help educate healthcare staff to achieve greater safety awareness, and to drive behavioral change in waste management, segregation, compliance and best practice. 

Our education platforms not only impart knowledge, but also aim to inspire conscious and actionable disciplines in day-to-day practice. And we understand that each person learns differently and that no two healthcare settings are the same - so we tailor our education solutions to your needs.

Compliance that
reduces risk

Daniels Health operates across the US, so we understand the complexities of local, regional and national regulations. Through training, site mapping and online reporting, our operational and compliance teams work closely with each healthcare facility to advise you and mitigate the risk of fines and infringement penalties.

Customized to
your facility

With thirty years of global healthcare experience, we’re no strangers to the diversity and complexity of the industry. Each facility we work with has its own unique set of needs and challenges, and we pride ourselves in having a fluid and nimble approach that delivers site-relevant solutions rather than off-the-shelf packages. 

So when you work with us, you’ll get all of that experience tailored for you.

A solution that
changes with you

From small surgical clinics through to major hospitals, our waste management services have been designed to be flexible, and are proven to deliver behavioral changing results and needle stick injury reduction across all sized facilities.

No matter what size facility you have, we can tailor a solution that will not only deliver benefits immediately, but will be flexible enough to change as your business does.