Chemotherapy Waste Disposal Services

Reliable solutions for your chemotherapy waste disposal needs.


Chemotherapy waste is a primary concern for healthcare providers who are developing hazardous waste management plans at chemo waste disposal facilities.

We have developed the United States’ first reusable containment system for chemotherapy waste. It features a hands-free design that reduces potential infection transfer risk.

With growing adoption of the USP <800> standard and concerns around staff and patient risk management, more healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels Health for safer, more sustainable and more cost-effective solutions for chemotherapy waste disposal.


Reduce costs and environmental impact in chemotherapy waste disposal

At Daniels Health, we offer the most secure solutions for trace and bulk chemotherapy waste disposal in the United States. 

Our safety-engineered containers for sharp and soft chemotherapy waste are designed to protect staff and patients from infection risks.

We take hazardous waste management seriously. Our reusable Chemosmart container was the first chemotherapy waste disposal containment system in the United States that eliminated the need for plastic bags, liners and secondary-packaging. This efficiency and the elimination of disposable containers dramatically reduce the overall cost, landfill burden and environmental impact of your facility.

As a service provider, we deliver:

  • Cradle-to-grave waste management | Our people, our trucks, our responsibility. No third party involvement.
  • Transparent contracts and pricing | No hidden fees, we design a service schedule around your needs.  
  • Single provider for all waste streams | We manage disposal and treatment of all healthcare waste streams. 
  • All sized facilities | We can service you, whether you’re a small oncology center or a multi-state hospital.
  • Second to none customer experience | Our people are absolutely focused on you. 


Safety continues outside the hospital

We’re the industry leaders in the safe collection, transportation and treatment of chemotherapy waste. All chemotherapy waste is transported in custom carriers to minimize contamination and then sterilized through a robotic washing process.

Ahead of NIOSH's introduction of the new USP <800> regulations, we have partnered with multiple hospitals and facilities to implement the Chemosmart system. Our solutions ensure the compliant disposal of all exposed PPE and trace residues of newly classified drugs.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the operational, licensing and compliance expertise to protect healthcare facilities from safety risks and help them fulfill their regulatory obligations in chemotherapy waste disposal and management. All of our oncology products and solutions are designed to minimize infection transfer risk, ensure user safety, and maximize handling and movement efficiencies.

We know that it’s not always easy to understand federal and state codes and regulations for chemotherapy waste disposal. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with support and resources for chemotherapy waste disposal and management.

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The most environmental and cost-effective chemotherapy waste solution in the United States


Our reusable containment systems eliminate excess waste and procurement costs associated with purchasing single-use containers.


Save time and labor by disposing and segregating waste at the point of generation. Our reusable containers eliminate box assembly labor and the need to double-package for transportation.


Our clinically designed chemotherapy waste containers have inbuilt seals that minimize odors and prevent leakage.


Mobile cart and foot pedal operation accessories enable point-of-generation waste disposal, alongside our rigorous 6-stage robotic wash and sanitization process to minimize infection


Choosing reusable solutions dramatically reduces the volume of plastic and cardboard being disposed of in landfills.


We don't take risks with safety. Our Chemosmart containers are the only DOT containers approved for transportation and inpenetrability, with inbuilt safety mechanisms to protect staff during use.

  • "Partnership in Sustainability..."

    Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

    Tammie Johnson, Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee
  • Daniels impact on efficiency...

    Switching to Medismart saved our organization nearly $13,000. We also reduced the non-productive time that my staff had been spending switching over disposable sharps containers, and the number of trips for one of my staff members to pick up RMW containers, by 50%. That allowed us to focus more on the cleaning of the hospital in other areas.

    Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager, Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
  • "Reduced Labor..."

    Daniels onsite field service team deliver services including auditing, right size container selection, and adjusting frequencies; this has made a significant difference in reducing EVS labor assistance by 99%. For our EVS Department, this allows us to reallocate hours back into improving performance outcomes. I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with Daniels Health.

    Jeff Selby, EVS System Director, TriHealth, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • "Protects our staff, our patients..."

    I could not have asked for a better transition to a product. The Daniels Sharpsmart collector allows us to protect our staff, our patients and our visitors as well as our environment. 

    Jack Rupert, Director of Environmental Services, University of Louisville Hospital
  • Why I Rely on Daniels

    Daniels manages our full medical waste stream. I would recommend Daniels to both large and smaller facilities. Daniels Health collectors are by far the safest sharps and medical waste containers, and have a very ECO friendly impact on the environment.

    Judy Fernandez, EVS manager, Valley Health
  • Daniels Optimizes our Facility...

    Daniels Health and Rollins Brook Community Hospital have a good working relationship. For Sharps, RMW waste and pharmaceutical solutions, both Daniels and the hospital are ECO friendly and work well together.

    Stan Elkins, EVS & Facility Coordinator, Rollins Brook Community Hospital
  • "Increased Staff Satisfaction..."

    Since Daniels took over our sharps removal in mid 2005, the level of staff satisfaction throughout this facility has increased significantly.

    Joseph Rizzo, Environmental Services, Lancaster Regional Medical Center, USA


The risks in chemotherapy waste disposal and management

Chemotherapy waste management and disposal can be a long and involved process, which may be inefficient and environmentally unsustainable.

  • Many health facilities don’t get to the root cause of why their chemotherapy waste management systems are ineffective, which leads to escalating costs.
  • Understanding the end-to-end process for managing chemotherapy waste is key to unlocking the benefits of a compliant, safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective system.
  • Many health facilities implement chemotherapy waste disposal solutions without clear segregation guidelines. This results in large volumes of waste being produced and unnecessarily going to landfills, having an adverse impact on the environment. 

Facilities face increased spillage and infection risks.

  • Typical industry practices of using single-use sharps and chemotherapy waste containers for the collection of chemotherapy waste, increases risk of spillage and infection transfer due to the flimsy nature of a single-use container that has no built-in seals to enclose contents in case of incident. 

With all the different types of chemotherapy waste, staff don’t know where each type of waste should go.

  • There are a number of subcategories for chemotherapy waste: trace chemotherapy waste, bulk chemotherapy waste, listed hazardous waste or characteristic hazardous waste that may be difficult for staff to navigate.
  • The different types of chemotherapy waste can confuse staff and result in poor segregation waste practices
  • Without formal training and a simple system to segregate waste, there can be substantial unnecessary costs incurred by a health facility in segregating waste.
  • Not sure how new USP 800 will affect you? USP 800 is a NIOSH guideline that has specified drugs across three different classes/tables that require clinicians to wear PPE when administering for their safety, and such waste needs to be disposed of through incinceration. 

How Can Daniels Health Help?

World-class clinically designed reusable containment systems optimized for safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Proven cost-reduction initiatives | 30% reduction in operating costs, 65% decrease in labor.

Experts in state and federal regulatory compliance | We navigate the red tape for you.

Clearly segregated solutions for trace and bulk chemotherapy waste, compliant labelling and expert training to facilitate correct disposal.

Safety and infection minimization is achieved through clinical products, washing and sterilization, and the provision of expert advice in placement and training.

Proven success rolling out solutions for the new NIOSH guidelines across multiple clinical facilities.