Hospital Waste Disposal & Management

Working inside the four walls of healthcare

At Daniels we drive change and value in medical waste management by working alongside hospital and clinical staff within customer facilities. Through training, container placement and process improvement within the four walls, we influence safety, alter segregation behaviors, enhance efficiencies and drive substantial cost benefits for our customers.

At Daniels, safety and infection risk minimization are our number one drivers. As a clinically focused company operating solely in the healthcare sector, our products and solutions are engineered to achieve clinical outcomes. Our sharps container systems are rated the safest containment systems in the world; our complementary mounting and movement solutions significantly reduce cross-contamination, our clinically engineered containers minimize pathogen exposure, and our 6-stage washing process has been proven to achieve a six log reduction in bacterial load, the highest standard of microbiological efficacy. 

Daniels solutions are designed to streamline movement of containers from ward & patient rooms right through to loading dock, while minimizing infection transfer risk. With an intelligent suite of accessories that optimize mounting, point of use placement, and the efficient storage and movement of single and bulk containers, no system in the world achieves the same labor, time and safety efficiencies in a hospital environment.

Daniels interchangeable containment systems are supported by a range of mounting accessories that ensure containers are always suspended from the ground, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the hospital environment, Daniels solutions include wall mounts, interchangeable trolley cradles, bench brackets, and bulk movement solutions sized specific to standard hospital corridors. Daniels versatile wall mounting systems for clean rooms, and bulk storage units for loading dock, ensure that valuable hospital [or storage] footprint is preserved, and the interchange of full and empty containers is seamless.

Daniels’ extensive experience in healthcare and the associated regulations governing high risk waste streams, has given us a high level of industry expertise in compliance, minimizing landfill and achieving cost-reducing results. Through in-house training, multi-method online and onsite education, segregation auditing, and responsible cradle to grave waste management, we protect our customers’ risk exposure in the safe guardianship of all healthcare generated waste. 

As a company focused on sustainability, we partner with hospitals to achieve the highest results attainable in segregation, landfill diversion, and environmentally responsible treatment. Daniels’ four walls approach enables us to change behavior and optimize movement and segregation daily at multiple touchpoints. Through waste audits, intelligent tracking technology which identifies incorrect segregation at ward or location level, superior mounting and movement solutions, clinically engineered bagless containers that eliminate double-handling and decanting, and clearly color-differentiated systems that encourage segregation, we partner with hospitals to save costs and improve efficiencies in the correct optimization of waste.


Secure Hospital Waste Disposal Management 

Daniels clinically designed solutions have redefined safety and infection-control in hospital waste management. Partnering with leading medical institutions across the United States, we are passionate about bringing medical waste management into a modern era of safety, sustainability and cleanliness.



Serving over 7,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the US, Daniels Health has established itself as the leading provider of clinically integrated hospital waste solutions. While Daniels was founded as a sharps container and sharps container disposal company in the US in 2002, we have quickly evolved to become one of the most esteemed biomedical waste service companies in the United States, offering a full service schedule for Sharps, RMW, Pharmaceutical, Chemotherapy, RCRA Hazardous and USP 800 classified waste with a proven ability to protect frontline clinical staff and drive significant clinical and environmental outcomes.  


We offer a suite of healthcare waste management solutions, but we approach hospital waste disposal differently than others. We don't just pick up at the back dock of your hospital, we work within the four walls to optimize safety, minimize infection control risk, streamline labor and cost management, and ensure that your facility achieves the optimum 'green rating' possible. Here's how our partnership drives results: 

  • Through KPI's, audits, and quarterly business reviews we hold ourselves accountable to program results 
  • Tracing waste volume data to a department level, we're able to adjust requirements based on current needs 
  • Our standardized containment systems for all healthcare waste streams enable streamlined education and segregation 
  • Through the elimination of disposable containers, we can drive purchasing cost reductions and reduce plastic to landfill 
  • Our national service footprint enables local service flexibility, rapid issue escalation and account management support 


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Working within Your Four Walls

A New Approach to Hospital Waste Management 

Our New Normal requires that we look at hospital waste disposal and management through a clinical lens; from waste mapping and scrutiny of how many times waste is touched, to the implementation of clinically-engineered containment solutions that drive safety and infection control outcomes, Daniels Health is a service partner that understands the hospital environment and delivers solutions that enhance rather than interrupt patient care. 

How Daniels Delivers Cost and Clinical Outcomes


Smaller size, clinical design and correct container placement can have a significant impact on medical waste volumes. This study shows one hospital achieving a 65% reduction in RMW waste volumes after converting to the Daniels system. 


With Daniels unique waste containment systems, the elimination of bagging and decanting of waste and lessened container exchanges supports a reduction of labor well beyond 50%. This study shows one hospital achieving a 69% labor reduction with Daniels.


Minimizing labor, double or triple handling of hospital waste and frequency of container exchange directly correlates to a reduction in patient interruptions and hospital disruption, and can have a positive impact on the facility’s HCAHPS scores.


Through their clinical engineering and highest grade of UN certification, our systems are used for hospital waste disposal in most states without liners, thereby eliminating the need to purchase bags or boxes, achieving a significant cost reduction and improved environmental efficacy. 


Using a bagless system where waste is disposed of once, removes the need for multi-handling and movement of bags. The sealed containment of waste in clinically-engineered containers reduces risk of accidental needlestick, spills or leaking bags, and HAI risk. 


Daniels robotic washing process achieves bacterial load reduction and sanitization 4 times higher than required by the CDC. Each full container returns to a Daniels facility to undergo a rigorous 8-step washing and quality process, reducing cross-contamination risk. 


Transform your Hospital Waste Management

We're passionate about delivering standardized healthcare waste management programs that protect staff and deliver clinical outcomes. 

We understand that change can be hard, which is why we put so much focus into change-management and creating a streamlined installation, onboarding and training plan. To learn more about how we approach change management, visit our page here OR... if you're interested in understanding how Daniels Health could transform your hospital's healthcare waste management processes, book some time in with one of our hospital waste specialists - we would love to walk you through Daniels solutions.