Daniels Secure a Drug drug-deactivation products enable the easy and permanent removal of potential threats associated with medication handling, reducing risk to those most vulnerable.

Formulated with activated carbon, Secure a Drug products provide a science-proven method of safely deactivating drugs prior to final disposal. According to the DEA, any destruction method applied to a controlled substance must render it “non-retrievable” and no longer available for diversion for all practical purposes. Secure a Drug products provide a safe intervention for the harmful wasting of drugs into our waterways, while providing an easy method for physicians, nurses and pharmacists to securely dispose of drugs within the healthcare setting. 

Secure a Drug products are suitable for the deactivation of liquids, pills and patches with proven testing on analgesic drugs like Fentanyl, Opioids and Marijuana. Medication types that can be safely deactivated by Secure a drug include DEA regulated pharmaceuticals, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone, and controlled substances per schedules I-V (CII). Stockpiling drugs puts everyone at risk, and with one in ten healthcare workers experiencing a substance use disorder, clinical intervention is essential to protecting our fellow carers and patients. 



  • Containers come as wet "ready to use", or dry "need to add water before use" 
  • An easy to use method for witness wasting, simply dispose of medications directly into the container 
  • Once medications come in contact with the Secure a Drug formula, the chemical digestion and drug deactivation process begins 
  • All products are multi-use, our range of products caters for the disposal of up to 4500 pills or patches and liquids. 
  • Once the container is full, rotate cap to locked position for leak-proof transportation and dispose in the non-haz pharmaceutical OR hazardous pharmaceutical waste stream pending your facility's formulary characterization. The waste generator is responsible to ensure that they comply with local, state, Tribal and federal regulations. 






Daniels Secure a Drug products are designed to support the safety and workflow of 
healthcare environments. Features include:


Use the same container... multiple times! The reusability of the product optimizes costs and reduces environmental impact. 


Anti-Spillage Leakproof Design. An attached screw-on cap eliminates risk of lid displacement, and secures contents until full. 


Unrestricted disposal of all sized medications. Opening size compatible for medication disposal applications while keeping contents irretrievable.


Eliminate risk of Diversion. Once disposed, our proprietary carbon-based formula denatures both solid and liquid waste, rendering them irretrievable. 

Secure a Drug Disposal + Treatment 

In some cases RCRA hazardous controlled substances are exempt from RCRA regulation provided they meet the following:

1. The state and specific facility are participating in new subpart P regulations.

2. Not Sewered

3. Managed in compliance with DEA regulations

4. Destroyed by a method that the DEA has publicly deemed in writing to meet their non retrievable standard, or

5. Combusted at one of the following types of permitted facilities

  • Large or small municipal waste combustor
  • Hospital, Medical and infectious waste incinerator
  • Commercial and industrial waste incinerator
  • Hazardous waste combustor


Engage one of our team to assist in evaluating whether the above exemption applies. 




In line with the DEA's non-retrievable standard, once full, most Secure a Drug products can be safely disposed into a non-hazardous waste stream. For hospitals and healthcare facilities, this reduces the costs of over-categorized hazardous waste disposal while providing an environmentally responsible method for the final cradle to grave destruction of pharmaceuticals. 


How to Use Secure a Drug


One in Ten healthcare workers experience some type of substance use disorder. Protect your fellow healthcare workers from unsafe drug diversion. Keeping our clinicians protected. 


Fish and pharmaceuticals really don't vibe! Get compliant with the EPA's sewer-ban of hazardous pharmaceuticals, protecting our waterways and safe drinking water with safe drain-free disposal of pharmaceuticals. 


Eliminate incorrect treatment and groundwater leaching. Safely dispose of DEA regulated pharmaceuticals, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and controlled substances per schedules I-V