Infection Control and Hospital Waste Management.

A Modern Approach.

Daniels Health hospital waste management solutions are underpinned by an infection control approach that puts clinical staff safety, cleanliness and cross-contamination risk at the forefront of its purpose.


Serving some of America's leading healthcare institutions including Stanford Health, Advent Health, Rush University, Henry Ford and Inova, Daniels Health has redefined hospital waste management as it relates to safety, infection control, labor efficiencies and the reduction of risk and patient interruptions. Designed to solve the patient-care and labor challenges of a clinical environment, Daniels does not start at the loading dock where it’s too late to make changes that impact costs, efficiencies or cross-contamination - but rather we begin inside the four walls of healthcare. 

  • Hands-free containers that lead the industry in cleanliness, safety and security 
  • Department and location level meaningful data and reporting 
  • Comprehensive waste segregation and education programs that drive results 
  • Intelligent mapping of waste movement, disposal practices and labor efficiencies 
  • Integrated solutions for all healthcare waste streams that protect frontline clinical staff 


Our New Normal Demands we look at healthcare waste through a clinical lens

With 1.7million hospital acquired infections every year in the United States, hospitals are looking for environmental service solutions that reduce contamination risk within the clinical environment. Medical waste management, the volume of patient interruptions, the cleanliness of bins and surfaces and the number of times waste is touched or handled, are all essential considerations of the modern hospital. 






Working within Your Four Walls

A New Approach to Hospital Waste Management 

Our New Normal requires that we look at hospital waste management through a clinical lens; from waste mapping and scrutiny of how many times waste is touched, to the implementation of clinically-engineered containment solutions that drive safety and infection control outcomes, Daniels Health is a service partner that understands the hospital environment and delivers solutions that enhance rather than interrupt patient care. 

Hospital Waste

  • Title
  • Hands-Free

    Daniels “no touch” container design means you don’t have to ever physically touch the container or the contents! Foot pedal operation and gravity-balanced safety trays eliminate safety, contamination and hygiene risk to healthcare and cleaning staff

  • Secured

    All Daniels containers are fitted with both temporary and permanent locking systems to restrict access to contents, and key-lockable wall mounts eliminate unauthorized removal or movement of containers

  • Point-Of-Use

    A universal mounting bracket enables compatibility with 40 bench, trolley and wall accessories for point-of-use waste segregation, single and bulk container movement and contamination-free mounting and movement 

  • Bagless

    Using a bagless hands-free system means hand contact with the container and multi-handling of red bags is no longer required, significantly reducing infection transfer risk and environmental burden 

  • No Overfill

    With overfill protection and an inbuilt safety tray that restricts hand-access, clinicians are protected from the risk of a sharps injury during needle disposal or unauthorized retrieval of disposed pharmaceuticals 

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Take your Waste Management to The Next Level.

To learn more about modern waste containment that supports infection control, view our medical waste containers here

OR... if you're interested in understanding how Daniels Health could transform your hospital's healthcare waste management processes, book some time in with one of our hospital waste specialists - we would love to understand your safety, infection control, cost and environmental goals.