RCRA Hazardous Waste Disposal

Reliable solutions for all RCRA Hazardous Waste Disposal needs


With safety at the forefront of its solutions, more healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels for customer-focused and cost-effective RCRA and Hazardous Waste Management services. 



RCRA waste requires specialized containment to comply with the very stringent disposal requirements surrounding hazardous classified waste streams. Daniels has developed an affordable and intelligent system, so your facility utilizes the correct quantity, size and type of waste containers required for your facility. We want to make understanding RCRA waste simple. Daniels will provide expert advice on the most effective collection and transport options to ensure cost minimization and realize the economic and environmental benefits of lowering the volume and mass of RCRA waste collection. In the collection and hazardous waste disposal process, we work directly with our customers to review, analyze and streamline their waste contents to ensure compliance. All pharmaceuticals are classified into waste streams using our online waste characterization software. We take the guesswork out of RCRA Hazardous Waste segregation, transport and treatment.


With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Daniels has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities in the total management of RCRA and hazardous waste. You no longer have to ask yourself, “Where is hazardous waste disposal near me?” We service nationally! All Daniels products and solutions are designed to minimize infection transfer risk, ensure user safety, and maximize handling and movement efficiencies.


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The most secure and cost-effective hazardous waste solution for US healthcare facilities


Daniels RCRA Waste Management solutions for disposal and treatment of bulk chemotherapy and hazardous pharmaceutical waste, ensure you are compliant with stringent disposal regulations


Daniels hazardous pharmaceutical and chemotherapy [RCRA] waste services provide a single point of contact and less paperwork.


Correct segregation ensures correct disposal and prevents hazardous waste entering our rivers and waterways.


Dramatically reduced waste costs by correct segregation and reduced RCRA waste volume


Web-based ‘Waste-ID’ database for easy identification of pharmaceuticals and their required disposal method. 


As guardians of your cradle-to-grave waste responsibility Daniels Health takes every precautionary step to ensure our customers are protected.

"Partnership in Sustainability..."

Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

Tammie Johnson

Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee

Daniels Service "Can't be Beat"

The program has been extremely successful by reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and Daniels' service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and success, and will continue to use Daniels Health.

Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management

Upper Chesapeake Health

Daniels Optimizes our Facility...

Daniels Health and Rollins Brook Community Hospital have a good working relationship. For Sharps, RMW waste and pharmaceutical solutions, both Daniels and the hospital are ECO friendly and work well together.

Stan Elkins EVS & Facility Coordinator

Rollins Brook Community Hospital

"I definitely recommend..."

Daniels and Paul Oliver have a good working relationship.  We really like the Sharpsmart for their safety and durability as well as the process Daniels uses makes sure the containers are clean and smelling good when returned back to the hospital.  Both Daniels and the hospital are ECO friendly so the match is good between us. I would definitely recommend Daniels.

Glenn Canning (EVS Director)

Paul Oliver Hospital

"Customer Service Stands Out..."

Daniels' customer service is what stands out in my mind.  If we call for a special request of containers, Daniels is right on the request and taken care of.  That does not even mention how great the containers are. I would definately recommend Daniels

Ali Obaidallah (EVS Manager)

Jackson Park Hospital


Summary of Risks in the management of RCRA waste


Staff are unaware of the latest RCRA requirements leading to non-compliance

  • Staff do not receive adequate training in the latest RCRA requirements and does not utilise latest online learning options.
  • Face large fines and penalties for being found non-compliant with RCRA waste requirements.


Processes and systems for managing medical waste are sub-optimal and lead to excessive collection and disposal of medical waste.

  • Health facilities may have outdated processes and systems for managing medical waste that lead to more waste collected than required.
  • Solutions may be used that may meet RCRA requirements, however are outdated and add unnecessarily to a health facilities operating costs.


Current approach to meeting RCRA requirements has added to red tape and operating costs that are ever increasing.

  • Health facilities receive “surprise” invoices from waste providers, where costs are not upfront and transparent.
  • Operating costs keep escalating, where current RCRA waste management services received adding to cost pressures.


How Can Daniels Help?

World-class clinically designed reusable containment systems optimized for safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Proven cost-reduction initiatives | 30% reduction in operating costs, 65% decrease in labor.

Reduce red-tape and be compliant with RCRA requirement without adversely impacting on overall operating costs.

Clearly segregated solutions for trace and bulk chemotherapy, compliant labelling and expert training to facilitate correct disposal.

Safety and Infection Minimization is achieved through clinical products, washing and sterilization and expert advice in placement and training.