Expertly-Designed Surgical Waste Disposal Solutions

Sharps, medical and pharmaceutical waste services that redefine safety in the OR  


You can stop asking yourself: where is medical waste disposal near me? Our national service capability and operating room expertise positions Daniels as the foremost clinically-focused service provider of sharps and biomedical waste disposal in the United States. We understand the complexity of safe sharps disposal and regulated medical waste collection in a fast-paced intensive OR environment and our range of safety-engineered containers both remove risk and optimize costs. 




Our medical waste service model for surgery centers is simple.

1 /  We scope what waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating and recommend right-fit container solutions 

2 /  We recommend a waste pickup schedule that ensures compliance to state regulations while minimizing your service costs

3 /  We provide pricing that includes sharps and medical waste containers and the waste service - with Daniels you will never have to buy a container again!

4 /  We service you, no brokering or third party haulers. Our compliance and customer excellence team support every aspect of your waste management needs 



We approach Surgical Waste Clinically 

Safety and infection control in an operating room is not simply a ‘nice to have’, it's a necessity. Daniels' surgical medical waste disposal solutions are designed to optimize multi-waste stream segregation in a high-pressure OR environment. Contracted as part of our service, we provide containers for sharps, surgical devices, pharmaceuticals and regulated medical waste which are exchanged after every fill, robotically washed to eliminate surface contamination, and replaced with newly sanitized containers. 

  • Dubbed the "safest sharps container in the world", our Sharpsmart container reduces container-associated sharps injuries by 87% 
  • Our 8-stage robotic washing, decontamination and quality control process achieves a standard of cleanliness 4 times higher than required by the CDC
  • 106 log microbial load reduction ensures medical waste containers entering a sterile environment are free from contamination.
  • Our Medismart medical waste disposal system is preferred among surgeons for its low microbial burden and hands-free use  





Redefining Healthcare Waste for Surgical Centers

The Daniels Difference


You will never have to buy a red bag, box, sharps or pharmaceutical container again; eliminate the double-purchasing costs of medical waste disposal. 


Hands-free waste disposal; bins robotically washed and sanitized after every fill; Daniels solutions introduce a new hygiene, cleanliness and decontamination standard


With Daniels, you will not get your waste contracted to another company; we manage every aspect of waste collection, protecting your risk from cradle to grave. 


We listen, we action, we expedite! We understand that medical waste services are critical to your patient care, and our local services are flexible to adapt to your needs. 

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by over 8,200 US facilities as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services, including our very first customer that we signed 22 years ago! Here are some of the brands we protect

  • "Daniels delivers the best service..."

    We switched to Daniels from Stericycle last year. The quality of service is better than previous suppliers, and the containers are safer for the staff to use. It’s nice to have a rep that we can communicate with and get timely help from; a lot of companies don’t have reps that will come on site and work through issues. As far as we’ve seen in the industry, Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

    Jennifer Chura, Purchasing CPD Supervisor, Midtown Surgery Center
  • "Reduced Sharps Injuries by 50%..."

    The program has been extremely successful in reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and their service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and their success and will continue to use Daniels for our healthcare waste services.

    Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management, Upper Chesapeake Health
  • "Reduced Medical Waste Volumes by 58%..."

    From switching over to the Daniels Sharpsmart system: in a 12-month period, we reduced our RMW (Regulated Medical Waste) volumes by 58% and reduced our sharps container turns. That in turn saved our organization nearly $13,000.

    Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager, Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center