Introducing Safe, Mobile Surgical Sharps Disposal in the Operating Room

A hospital operating room should be the cleanest, most hygienic place on Earth. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry lacks safety and infection control products and processes, which amplifies infection risks for healthcare workers.

Enter: the Daniels Health Surgismart system.

Daniels Surgismart prompts us to think differently about operating room sharps disposal. It’s America’s leading clinically-designed containment solution for safe disposal of surgical sharps and other devices used in the OR. This mobile, hands-free medical waste container is compatible with most laparoscopic instruments and DaVinci surgical arms. 

It can be maneuvered to the point-of-procedure for safe and convenient sharps disposal. After each fill, the Surgismart undergoes a thorough sanitization process. This achieves a decontamination level that’s four times higher than the level prescribed by the CDC. 


  • Touchless, foot-pedal operation 
  • A wide aperture for safe disposal of surgical sharps
  • Zero cross-contamination with a floor-resistant design 
  • Leak-proof and tamper-proof containment with inbuilt safety locks 
  • Robotic sanitization to kill 10^6 bacterial loads after each fill
  • Mobile positioning for point-of-procedure use





Surgismart Medical Waste Containers: The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

The Daniels Surgismart prioritizes safety and unhindered accessibility; it’s a healthcare solution for point-of-use surgical sharps disposal. This medical waste container offers a variety of unique features, including:


The Surgismart waste management system facilitates contactless disposal of surgical sharps. It features a hands-free and off-floor design, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and infection transfer. 


The Surgismart enhances perioperative safety in sharps disposal. It offers a full-access opening for the disposal of large and bulky sharps and other surgical instruments.


Once full, the Surgismart is transported to a Daniels facility. Here, it’s washed to a level of decontamination that’s four times higher than what is required by the CDC. This effective and efficient process eliminates dirt residue as well as other contaminants. 


The Surgismart offers mobile capabilities, which enable it to be positioned directly beside the operating table during procedures. This ensures the safe transfer and disposal of surgical sharps.

Safety to Save Lives

Daniels Sharpsmart has achieved more clinical and scientific validation than any other sharps container in the world. The infallible research of the Daniels Sharpsmart includes:  

1. 87% reduction in needlestick injuries 
2. 20% reduction in containers and costs due to the containers' smart design 
3. 20% waste reduction year on year despite growing patient bed occupation
4. 33% environmental impact reduction through reduced plastic and CO2 emissions

We place safety first.

Daniels is globally recognized as a safety innovation company. Our medical waste containers lead the world in best practice for infectious waste management and containment. We work alongside clinicians to ensure each product offers risk-minimizing innovation. In particular, our touchless containers have radically shaped hospital waste management across some of the world’s leading healthcare brands.