Founded out of a passion for Healthcare Safety, Daniels Health is committed to service that amplifies quality of care. 

Our commitment to customer service means our partners always know exactly how to get in touch with a human being as soon as needs arise. Every customer request is captured within our shared organizational database, thereby ensuring correct assignment, transparency across the organization, and issue escalation.     


Every Daniels Department (Sales, Operations, Customer Excellence, AR, Billing, Contracts, Field Service) has Case Management integrated into their workflows, supporting seamless action of customer needs accross the business and accountability for follow-through.


  • Business Unit ownership and daily follow-up of all cases that affect customers in their region (irrespective of issue)

  • Inbuilt escalation process up to the C-Suite for all case closures that fall outside of acceptable response parameters 

  • Internal root cause analysis of all complaints, with outcomes and corrective actions communicated back to the customer

  • Email sent to customer as soon as a case is opened, and closed, with opportunity to complete a short feedback survey 

  • Weekly operational calls with all operations leaders to review performance dashboards, exception reporting, and cases   

  • Weekly customer service call with all customer service leads across the business to review outstanding cases and time to close metrics 

  • Weekly Senior Leadership Team review of all outstanding cases, customer complaints, and issue escalation 





Each of our 12 business units across the United States operate as a fully functional division responsible for service excellence, quality, customer satisfaction and KPI results. Our Field Service Managers, Operations Manager and Account Managers connect every week to work through any changes or challenges within the state, and our “no-silo” approach ensures that the team owns every customer solution and is accountable to results. Across every department and function, we together carry the responsibility of our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Cohesive Customer Ownership

DIFOT is a key performance indicator that examines product/service delivery from the customer’s point of view. At Daniels, we measure a successful delivery (DIFOT) as a service that is not only on time, but has the right amount and type of containers (unless otherwise pre-agreed with the customer) and no complaint has been made, i.e. 100% of the service is as expected. Across the United States, our DIFOT score is 98.75%, meaning out of every 100 Services, we achieve 98.75% of services on time and with complete delivery of products.

98.75% Successful Deliveries

We conduct a national NPS pulse to all of our customers every 4 months to understand any shortfalls in our business that need immediate attention; circulated to representatives from all departments that work directly with Daniels (billing, EVS, clinical etc), we utilize our NPS results to understand how each business unit is performing against key service and quality metrics, as well as garnering feedback needed to drive corrective action at a customer or business unit level. Our most recent survey was conducted in April 2021 and across a national average, our NPS score was 46.54 (a minimum 20 points above industry average and comparable with top performing brands in other industries such as Apple which sits at 47).

Industry-Best NPS Scores

We Put Our Customers First.

With our owner and visionary founder Dan Daniels still leading our team at Daniels Health, we are as passionate about Healthcare Safety and Service Excellence as the day the business was established in Dan's home garage. We understand the critical role we play in ensuring patient excellence and clinician safety, to this end, across our organization, we drive the highest standards of proactive communication, service reliability and customer responsiveness. 





"Daniels delivers the best service..."

We switched to Daniels from Stericycle last year. The quality of service is better than previous suppliers, and the containers are safer for the staff to use. It’s nice to have a rep that we can communicate with and get timely help from; a lot of companies don’t have reps that will come on site and work through issues. As far as we’ve seen in the industry, Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

Jennifer Chura, Purchasing / CPD Supervisor

Midtown Surgery Center

"A Team that cares"

Our Daniels service tech has consistently provided me with outstanding customer service to something that probably doesn’t offer too many opportunities for Daniels to really shine as a company.  I’ve been with the FH long enough that I am quite familiar with SteriCycle as a company and they were never as involved with customers as Daniels has been for me.  It is nice to see a team that still cares about their customers’ success.  

Vinny Venturelli

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

"So Customer Service Driven..."

We are so pleased with both our regular and fill in driver for St Joe's Brighton; both are so pleasant and customer service oriented. You should be proud to have two very awesome employee's working for your company.  The girls in the office also deserve a pat on the back!  Everyone is so nice and customer service driven. Go Team and keep up the GREAT JOB and all you do for your customers!  

Linda Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy

"Always friendly..."

I find Daniels service simple and easy to use. The OPS team is very personable and professional along with being very well trained, and I really like the customer service team simply because they are always reachable and always return my call within a reasonable amount of time. My questions are answered in a timely fashion and they are always friendly.  

Javier Cruz (Director of EVS)

Blythedale Hospital

Daniels Health delivers all services with a direct understanding of our impact on healthcare quality and patient care 


If a customer has more waste volume than usual, we adjust our route capacity to compensate; each business unit reviews routes daily and root-causes missed stops within 24 hours. 


If we do miss a stop, routes are corrected within 24 hours and that particular customer/facility is prioritized early on the next day route, guaranteeing service  


NPS surveys are conducted every 4 months. If any rating below 6 is received, a salesforce case is created and assigned to relevant members of the organization for corrective action


All customer resolution cases undergo a ‘root-cause’ analysis and anything unactioned with reasonable resolution is escalated up to our Senior Leadership Team

Daniels Contingency Planning

Unparalleled Service

Daniels Health prides itself on its Customer Excellence with commitment and accomplishment that achieves:  

1. 98.75% DIFOT score, for every 100 Services, we achieve 98.75 complete + on time
2. 52.9% NPS score attesting to quality, consistency + reliability of service  
3. 100% service accountability from every role right up to our Senior Leadership
4. 100% issue resolution with tracked escalation to ensure no matter is unresolved