Does your Facility Look Like This?

Stationery bins and cabinets that do not undergo scheduled washing and sanitization are a source of microbial growth and pathogen transfer. A facility whose medical waste bins failed multiple surface-microbial count tests with its highest ATP count of 14,844, far exceeding safe levels, transitioned to the Daniels Medismart. 

1. The Daniels Medismart was robotically washed and sanitized after every exchange. 
2. The 6-stage washing and decontamination protocols exceeded CDC requirements by 4 times
3. The Medismart was subjected to the same ATP testing and passed with unprecedented low microbial count 


Enhancing Infection Control with Waste Management

Who would have thought that in 2020 infection control would become one of the most commonly search google terms across a global landscape. Where “sanitizing” your hands would become the norm in all social settings outside of a hospital, and where the cleanliness of a clinical environment would be escalated to one of the top risk management priorities of every patient care facility in the world.


Through this same infection control lens, we look at current medical waste management challenges in patient-care settings:

  • Medical Waste Bins in patient rooms – who cleans the bins?
  • Reg bag removal, manual cardbox box assembly, direct contact with disposed medical waste
  • Hand “touch” of medical bin lids to open or close
  • Punctured bags or cardboard boxes causing spillage in clinical areas
  • Direct ground contamination with containers being moved between the loading dock and clinical areas


We need to break the chain of infection by eliminating medical waste “touches”



Learn How we can Eliminate Contamination

What needs to change?


Medical waste bins that require zero touch (no bags, no box assembly, no manual closure). Foot-pedal operation enables contactless disposal of medical waste and eliminates cross-contamination. 


Sharps and medical waste bins that undergo a concentrated 6-stage robotic washing, decontamination and sanitization process after each exchange that meets CDC requirements. 


Removing cross-contamination of containers moving from loading docks to clinical areas with mobile trolleys, bulk mounting and suspended accessories. 


Eliminating wall mounted cabinets and static medical waste bins that never get cleaned and harbor surface-microbe contamination. 

Daniels Medismart 

Daniels' touchless medical waste bin has redefined contamination-free waste disposal in hospitals, pharmacies and patient care environments. 


  • Touchless. Contactless. Mobile, and Foot pedal Operated
  • Zero cross-contamination with “floor-resistant” design
  • Robotically sanitized to a 6log bacterial load kill 

Explore Contamination-Free Waste Management.

To learn more about modern waste containment that supports infection control, view our medical waste containers here. OR... if you're interested in understanding how Daniels Health could transform your healthcare waste management processes, book some time in with one of our specialists - we would love to understand your safety, infection control and environmental goals. 





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