COVID-19 Vaccine Disposal  

COVID-19 waste handling and the collection and disposal of vaccine residue and contaminated sharps 


As the industry leader in safety engineered devices for the containment of sharps and pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves as experts in the safe and compliant management of all vaccines, sharps and pharmaceutical waste. Across the United States we have been ensuring inventory to accommodate the surge of both pharmaceutical and sharps containers required for disposal of COVID-19 vaccines, rapid antigen tests or near-empty sharps as well as strengthening our service infrastructure to support timely responsiveness to demand.



COVID-19 Vaccine Disposal Management | An Integrated Partnership 

An integral part of COVID-19 vaccinations is not only temperature-controlled storage requirements of unused vaccines, but also the safe and compliant disposal of expired medications, rapid antigen tests, partially used vaccines and expunged syringes with trace amounts of vaccine. As a full service partner, Daniels Health manages every aspect of COVID-19 vaccine collection and disposal, from the provision of industry-leading containment systems that are hands-free and designed with inbuilt safety mechanisms, through to the compliant collection, transport and waste treatment of bulk vaccines or contaminated sharps


Understand our Approach to COVID-19 Waste


The Daniels Pharmasmart system introduces a new modern standard of secure COVID-19 vaccine vial and liquid residual disposal

Incorrectly disposed or unsecured vaccines and medications can have a detrimental affect on environment as well as posing extreme risk to people who come into unauthorized contact. Daniels Pharmasmart is America’s leading vaccine and pharmaceutical waste container designed to not only comply with, but exceed CDC guidelines. Designed as a hands-free system with inbuilt permanent security locks, anti-shatter and impenetrable plastic, and leakproof seals, the Pharmasmart eliminates cross-contamination risk and protects clinical staff in COVID-19 vaccine or vial disposal.


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Environmentally focused COVID-19 vaccine waste solutions for every sized patient-care facility


With the second largest service infrastructure in the United States, we have national expertise in healthcare regulations and clinical support services for all sized facilities, from nursing homes to mutli-site hospitals. 



All Daniels service solutions are designed with a clinical-first focus; containers that eliminate touch and cross-contamination, robotic washing that achieves maximum sanitization, solutions that interface with patient care. 


We have containers, education, trucks and people ready to support on scale; we have invested heavily in contingency planning to ensure that we are able to support US healthcare in its time of need. 


Serving US healthcare for almost twenty years, we have compliance, education and clinical experts that can provide up to date guidance on compliant segregation, disposal and regulatory requirements.

The Daniels Pharmasmart and Sharpsmart containers protect users in vaccine disposal by
eliminating "touch" and unauthorized container retrieval; safety features include: 


Daniels’ accessories facilitate hands-free disposal; the containers' no-touch design and robotic washing sanitization process eliminates contamination risk.  


Key-secured locking brackets secure Pharmasmart containers to a wall, eliminating risk of tampering, unauthorized removal or access to pharmaceutical contents 


The inbuilt safety tray installed in Pharmasmart containers eliminates hand-access to pharmaceutical contents and protects against container overfill and injury risk


The Pharmasmart is designed with temporary and permanent locks and a hand-restricting opening to eliminate container tampering or retrieval of contents

  • "Partnership in Sustainability..."

    Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

    Tammie Johnson, Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee
  • "The Safety of my staff..."

    We are currently using Daniels sharps containers in all our departments. I, as the infection control sister at La Verna, have not experienced any problems with the containers provided and I am assured of the safety of all my staff and others through the correct use of these containers.

    Sr. Jonker, Infection Control Sister, La Verna Hospital, South Africa
  • "Could not be more pleased..."

    I could not be more pleased with the customer service and products we have received from Daniels.  Our business manager is part of our team and always willing to jump right into any situation, ready to problem solve and help

    Jennifer Foster, Manager, Infection Control/Accreditation & Regulatory Services, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital
  • "Increased Staff Satisfaction..."

    Since Daniels took over our sharps removal in mid 2005, the level of staff satisfaction throughout this facility has increased significantly.

    Joseph Rizzo, Environmental Services, Lancaster Regional Medical Center
  • "I definitely recommend..."

    Daniels and Paul Oliver have a good working relationship.  We really like the Sharpsmart for their safety and durability as well as the process Daniels uses makes sure the containers are clean and smelling good when returned back to the hospital.  Both Daniels and the hospital are ECO friendly so the match is good between us. I would definitely recommend Daniels.

    Glenn Canning, EVS Director, Paul Oliver Hospital