Daniels Robotic Washline Technology

Daniels reusable sharps containers are emptied and sanitized at Daniels' clean processing facilities using its Washsmart system, a fully automated, robotic system used for decanting, washing, sanitizing and drying the containers. Our Washsmart system provides highly effective washing and sanitizing of all Sharpsmart containers. 

"The Washsmart cleaning process was independently tested by coating 16 Gallon Medismart bins with 6-log blood suspensions of Staph aureus and E. Faecalis. On swabbing them after the wash, no challenge organisms were detected - this is a very high level of decontamination." 

Terry Grimmond, Microbiologist FASM, BAgrSc, GrDpAdEd


  • Decontamination

    Blood and human-source soiling are completely removed and the inside of the collector is made safe for handling.

  • Sanitization

    Daniels’ Washsmart system has been extensively researched, tested and independently verified as achieving a
    level of sanitization 4x higher than required by the CDC in the United States.

  • Quality Control Parameters

    The time, temperature and water volumes necessary to achieve this level of cleaning are closely monitored.
    If any parameter falls outside Daniels set criteria, the Washsmart machine immediately shuts itself down so it can be repaired.

  • Tested

    The Washsmart process also passes the stringent Ninhydrin test – a forensic-level test to detect traces of protein or blood.

Washsmart's 8-step Process

Washsmart System Benefits

Regulation Certified Processing: Meets strict wash requirements (OSHA) 

Uses a thoroughly tested combination of water pressure, high temperatures and biodegradable detergent to achieve high-level disinfection while avoiding the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Computerized and Automated Decanting, Sanitizing and Drying 

Fully automated robotic system with process-validated standards for decanting, sanitizing, drying and quality checking of each product (an FDA and OSHA requirement).

Washsmart Quality Assurance 

Each individual Sharpsmart and Medismart collector has its wash parameters (temperature time, water volumes) measured and permanently recorded, giving complete assurance of microbiological sanitization.

Unique Anti-Stick Coating 

Daniels developed, researched and engineered more than 200 formulations before patenting SMARTGUARD, a unique coating applied at every wash to enable Sharpsmart collectors to easily shed sticky adhesives, blood, body fluids and dyes.

Daniels Innovation

Our Australian team has driven the innovation of the safest sharps and medical containers in the world for over 38 years. One of our industry-leading inventions is a robotic washing and treatment technology that achieves the highest industry standard in bacterial load reduction. Learn more about our Washsmart and the spirit of innovation behind Daniels global brands.