A New Normal in Healthcare Waste Management.

Viewing the impact of each waste stream through a clinical lens.

Daniels Health is an innovative full-service healthcare waste management partner that not only meets the new levels of infection control and risk prevention that modern healthcare requires, but also offers unique hands-free waste containers that help your clinical staff defend against cross-contamination. 


We proudly partner with all varieties of healthcare facilities and support you in redefining your medical waste management strategy as it relates to safety, infection control, labor efficiencies and the reduction of risk and patient interruptions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach - which is why we have built a team of clinical experts and a library of clinical knowledge to support you in building a waste management strategy that meets your unique needs. As your safety advocates and we hope you'll join us in embracing a modern era of clinical hygiene that involves:

  • Reusable waste containers that enable touchless disposal, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimizing patient interruptions and risk through mobilized medical waste containers that can easily be removed from the patient environment
  • A radical belief that a few changes in behavior and the right solutions can impact every area of your clinical safety




Solutions by Waste Stream

  • Explore how we are creating a new normal in the disposal of each healthcare waste stream including: Sharps Waste, Regulated Medical Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, and Trace Chemotherapy waste. Daniels Health offers reusable containment systems with multiple inbuilt safety features for each of these waste streams.


Safety Impact by Role

  • It is important that you know what a new normal partnering with Daniels Health looks like for you. We invite you to explore how our modern approach to healthcare waste management impacts several clinical roles including Environmental Services, Infection Control, Purchasing, Healthcare Executives. 



Working within Your Four Walls

A New Approach to Hospital Waste Management 

Our New Normal requires that we look at hospital waste management through a clinical lens; from waste mapping and scrutiny of how many times waste is touched, to the implementation of clinically-engineered containment solutions that drive safety and infection control outcomes, Daniels Health is a service partner that understands the hospital environment and delivers solutions that enhance rather than interrupt patient care. 


Take your Waste Management to The Next Level.

To learn more about modern waste containment that supports infection control, view our medical waste containers by waste stream here.

OR... if you're interested in understanding how Daniels Health could transform your facility's healthcare waste management processes, book some time in with one of our hospital waste specialists - we would love to understand your safety, infection control, cost and environmental goals. 


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