Our Culture 

“Our Strength is the sum of the individuals who work here”

Our Global Brand

As a global brand operating in seven countries, Daniels has become a brand name synonymous with safety, innovation and unstoppable vision. 


The Daniels Logo

The name ‘Daniels’ was assumed as our company identity in 1995, paying homage to the founder of the business, Dan Daniels. This name honors the generational commitment invested in improving healthcare safety, and solidifies the values that act as the cornerstone of our vision – integrity, strength and purpose.

Our People

We see our success as the sum of the individuals that work with us; those that carry with them every day the spirit of innovation and service that Daniels was founded on.

Our US team consists of over 600 staff, and represents a cross-section of over 20 nationalities. As a global business, we’re proud of the diversity that has been cultured in our workforce and the cross-collaborative strength of working across borders.


Our Values

Find people who share your values, and you'll conquer the world together

John Ratzenberger

Without a strong sense of unified purpose, Daniels Health would not be where it is today. Over 32 years, our business has grown in strength and influence by the sheer determination of passionate individuals serving a vision bigger than themselves, and doing so with unwavering purpose.