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A Sales Career at Daniels isn’t made up of your average “transaction-based” sale; it is the cultivation of partnerships. Through your role you will be responsible for aligning our clinical value proposition with individual customers’ needs to drive the best clinical, safety, and environmental results, and then sticking around to measure performance KPI’s and ensuring our leading solutions are driving expected results.


From humble beginnings, Daniels Health is today the second largest medical waste provider in North America with capacity to service 87% of the hospital bed market in the United States. Established to provide turnkey safety containment solutions for sharps disposal, Daniels quickly achieved national notoriety through scientific journals and hospital case studies for its dramatic impact on needlestick injuries and infection control.


As a business development manager at Daniels Health, you are responsible for executing our clinical vision – not to provide waste services or a waste container, but to drive a clinically differentiated program that establishes new benchmarks in safety, education, waste segregation, patient interruptions, risk management, and logistical efficiency. At Daniels, you will feel empowered to design solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of our healthcare partners.While sales negotiation is one aspect of your role, you will also be interfacing with our logistics team, supply chain, account managers, field service, and commercial teams to understand cost levers, scope requirements and establish a service model that delivers not only seamless integration and change management, but also upholds consistency and reliability of service ongoing.    


For someone that thrives in an environment where you are exposed to a lot of moving parts and have the ability to execute change and results across an organization without layers of beuracracy, Daniels Health may just be the perfect place for you! We are looking for people who are passionate about customer service, confident in driving change with a “make it happen” attitude, and are doers rather than talkers – being an anchor service provider for healthcare means that we carry a responsibility every day to offer services that protect the safety of healthcare workers; joining Daniels you become a torch-bearer of this mission.   



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Some of our benefits


Daniels Health boasts stable career growth in a recession-proof industry. Our North America business has grown year on year and historically experienced our greatest growth and innovation in periods of economic decline.


Included in the salary package of this role is a car allowance. Whether a local or regional oversight role, travel is required for all Daniels business development managers and we are committed to ensuring your time and costs are compensated.


Daniels Health’ salary compensation includes both a fixed base and a commission component based on sales results. Commissions are uncapped so you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny when it comes to how much money you pocket.  


A career with Daniels will expose you to key decision makers in hospitals and national healthcare groups. Working with C-Suite and clinicians alike, you will gain incredible exposure to life within the four walls of healthcare, while gaining transferrable skills across education, commercial negotiation, logistics and business reviews.

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My voice is heard...

Daniels is growing and the momentum is palpable. As a Regional Business Manager, I’m thrilled to bring our corporate values and vision to life with our customers. I am passionate about helping people, and Daniels empowers me to do just that. I am proud to support the sales team in achieving their personal and professional goals. Daniels truly values its team members. My voice is heard within the organization and I help to influence strategic direction every day. The future is bright and opportunities for talented individuals are limitless!

Jen Maru

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Strong core values...

Throughout my career, I’ve always admired Daniels Health from afar. In December of 2019, I was finally afforded the opportunity to join their team as a Business Manager in the Midwest. I mostly enjoy the wonderful culture that Daniels has created by promoting teamwork and encouraging creativity. The compassion and empathy the company has shown for their employees and partners is nothing short of extraordinary. Working for a company with such strong core values, inspiring leadership and great environmental stewardship has reinvigorated my passion not only as a professional but also as a person. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with my colleagues as Daniels Health strengthens its foothold as an industry leader in healthcare waste management.

Kenneth Campbell

Business Development Manager

Extraordinary people...

Working at Daniels for almost the last seven years has given me the opportunity to work with some extraordinary people. I love the partnership and learning shared between my team and customers. By building these incredible relationships we are able to collaborate and answer the call to what the industry is yearning for. I really enjoy seeing the impact we can achieve together to grow Daniels as a company and continue to make healthcare safer at each hospital we engage with! The partnerships make all the difference and motivate me to continue to work for every customer and grow alongside with them.

Lauren Kula

Business Development Manager

We are dedicated to growth.

We’ve grown 3x in the past three years in terms of growth and revenue. Our Executive Vice President, David Skinner, shares his passion for growing sales teams that keep on winning. Join Our Pride - Learn more about a career with Daniels here