Daniels Health began with
the singular vision of Saving Lives.  

Today, our story and one man's vision for safety transformation, has changed healthcare forever. 

We have "redefined" safety and infection control in healthcare waste management. We have driven the innovation of the safest sharps and medical waste containers in the world, we have invented robotic washing and treatment technology that has set new minimum standards in bacterial load impact, we have protected frontline healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and infection transfer. We have, for 38 years, reinvested every dollar we have made, back into our vision and the infrastructure that supports it, to fortify and strengthen our goal of protecting the life of every healthcare worker. 

It's rare, in fact it's almost unheard of to find a company that has been privately owned for more than 3 decades, and singularly focused on its founding vision. Read more about our small beginnings which began, would you believe it, with the purchase of a secondhand washing machine! (Read our story here) or... hear from our team below on what they believe is unique and compelling about a career path with Daniels Health



Learn what "Growth" looks like with Daniels
It's dysfunctional, but there's a whole lot of love!

Be authentically yourself, be challenged, have your voice heard and be empowered to lean strong into your gifts, carve out your own career, see your talents and passions realized work for a company that stands behind everything they say and follows through on their mission and vision. In Daniels, you will find something you can believe in, you will find a family. Hear from our founder and our team on what a career with Daniels would look like. 

Our Passion, Vision and Mission
Making Healthcare Safer

What’s in store for Daniels Health? Hear from our CEO, Dan Daniels, on our growth, our vision and our why! Wanting to make a difference in your next role? Learn more about our open opportunities below.  

We are focused on bringing in new talent
Be your authentic self at Daniels

The business goals and recruitment goals go hand in hand. Our Chief People Officer, Jude Duff, shares her experience and passion for growing teams at Daniels Health. To learn more about our open opportunities, visit our careers page

We roll with moving goalposts.

We're agile; we twist, we change, we're entrepreneurial spirits pushing the status quo and driving ideas that fulfill our greater vision.

We call a spade a spade.

Straightforwardness is extremely important to us; we don’t entertain smoke and mirrors, we believe truth and transparency is a pillar of progress and success.

We leverage collective genius. 

We celebrate teamwork. We do not believe that a single person can independently claim success; it's the combined talent of people coming together that achieves much.

We celebrate the elephant.

We value uniqueness, we are real about our gaps, we don’t try to make ourselves something we are not.

We don’t take passengers.

We work hard, we each contribute to collective success.

We laugh like it’s funny.

We are not afraid to laugh at ourselves, be inspired by the human factor, and celebrate our personal growth.

We insist on being excellent.

We don’t settle for anything less. Excellence is not a singular act, it is a habit.

We believe robots could be the future. 

We don’t accept an excuse of doing things ‘just because that’s the way they’ve always been done’; we embrace new ways of thinking.


What would a Daniels Career Look like for You? 

We thrive on fast-paced entrepreneurialism and innovation. Being an industry leader requires us to think outside the box, pursue our core vision relentlessly and go where others fear to go. It's not the path of least resistance and – more often than not – it is challenging. 

But because of this, it is deeply rewarding. You have a vision you can 100% get behind (without compromise). You have people that you can trust and build life-long friendships with. You have a platform to invest the very best of your gifts and ideas, and the empowerment to see them drive impact. Channel your inner lion. Be daring and courageous. See where a career with Daniels might take you!






Unlock Your Purpose.

If you want a job that drives, empowers, and changes you. Consider Daniels for your next career move.