The face of our business.  

A customer service career with Daniels places you right in the heart of what we pride ourselves on - serving and empowering our healthcare partners to be able to focus on patient care. Directly interfacing and supporting healthcare partners each day with their service, safety and reporting needs, this critical team of individuals ensure that we lessen the burden on healthcare facilities to enable them to do what they do best - provide care. 


A day in the life of a Daniels customer service team member is varied to say the least, so if you're the sort of person that likes the same thing neatly packaged in a box every day - this role is just not going to gel with you! From interacting with our operational staff to ensuring paperwork and product is prepared for scheduled services to being the first point of call for our customers when they need additional services or administrative support, every day is going to be a little different so we're looking for individuals who love variety, are driven to improve processes and have a passion for helping people. 


You will join an amazing team!  

When you join Danies Health, we guarantee you will love the people you work with. Across the United States, each one of our operational plants is manned by a team of people that are unitedly passionate about what they do and the vision Daniels has for driving safety in healthcare. We're a family owned business with our CEO and Founder driving the direction of the business each day, and unlike many businesses where strategy and vision changes with each new management team that comes in - ours is the same as it was 30 years ago, supporting the frontlines of healthcare to Make Healthcare Safer. Hear from our team directly as to what drives them: 





Customer Service Positions at Daniels


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Some of our benefits


As a family-owned company, we understand that spending time with your family is just as important as providing for them financially. You can expect to be home in time for dinner and on weekends!


Our benefits include health insurance, vacation & sick pay, 401k eligibilty, and more starting on your first day of employemt. Daniels Health is always working to improve costs of health insurance programs for our employees. We provide our staff with affordably priced medical, vision, and dental Insurance. 


As part of a self-directed customer service team, you can expect to carve out your career path without feeling micromanaged while still getting the support you need.


Daniels supports personal and professional development by providing a fluid work environtment to help you grow your career in Customer Excellence. We have numerous career growth pathways, so you’ll never feel stagnant. 

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We are the experts...

I started with Daniels in March of 2015. At the time, we only handled 160 stops per week with minimal reusable sharps. We have since increased to over 240 stops per week with both reusable sharps and RMW. My role focuses on the correct handling and tracking of the waste we pickup, which is integreal to the our business operations. The compliance for processing and tracking that waste is a key component to my job. The customers know their business and want to understand our processes and policies, as we are the experts. Knowing the importance of my job as part of the legal and proper medical waste disposal process is what motivates me each day.

Mary Jo McDavitt

Customer Service Lead

Open to new ideas...

I have been with Daniels since December 2018. I love my job. I love the work family I have here. We have a welcoming atmosphere, and our roles are equally valued. Everyone works together as a team to get things done. The hours are flexible and there is a healthy work/life balance. We have a wonderful management staff who are approachable, receptive, and are always open to new ideas. They will help out with any job and thus show us that they genuinely care about their employees. I could not ask for a better place to work.

Lisa Jenkins

Customer Service Advocate

Focused Team...

I continue to be inspired by everyone that works here at Daniels. We are truly a team focused on highlighting each other’s strengths and supporting weaknesses. I feel extremely blessed coming to work every day knowing I am making a positive impact in someone’s life. Over the last couple of months we have seen a tremendous increase in the customer experience thanks to many process improvements and dedicated individuals. Getting those “wins” no matter how small keeps me energized day in and day out.

Hadley Wade

Customer Excellence Advocate

Positivity in the workplace...

I have been at Daniels for a little over a year and it has been a joy since the moment I walked in. Our team has been through it all but we have always kept positivity in the workplace and achieved goals together. I enjoy that Daniels is continuously evolving and investing in my personal development. The Daniels family is always welcoming and open to new ideas; it makes me enjoy my role and feel appreciated. Every day I continue to develop new skills and I'm encouraged to come up with creative ideas to improve processes in the Customer Service department.

Antoinette Lyte

Customer Service Advocate

An opportunity to grow...

If I had to describe my time here at Daniels, I would use the words exciting, challenging, educational, and fun. I’ve had the opportunity to learn new aspects of the medical waste field. I appreciate the opportunity to grow with the company. I have learned to adapt with the everchanging atmosphere and face challenges head on. I feel like I am definitely more than a professional paper pusher. I feel a part of a bigger goal since I started working  for Daniels. I know my input matters not only administratively but for the company as whole.

Jasmine Smith

Customer Service Lead

We are focused on Customer Service.

Service excellence is a cornerstone of Daniels Health. Our Director of Customer Service, Nick Lurquin, shares his experience and passion for customer satisfaction. See what our Customer Service team has in store for the future, learn more about our service excellence here