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Daniels operational staff are integral to our mission in making healthcare safer. At Daniels Health, we don’t just pick up medical waste; our sustainable, safety engineered products save lives and minimize our carbon footprint each day. We are an expanding company with endless possibilities for growth, so you will not feel stuck in your position. Daniels Health offers support and training for those that really want to make an impact and grow personally and professionally in their operations career. Our frontline is dedicated and innovative, making us an unstoppable leader in the healthcare industry.


Driving with Daniels means making a difference.

When you join our team, you are increasing the safety of healthcare clinicians, patients, and the environment. Our fleet of dedicated drivers are the backbone of our mission to Make Healthcare Safer. At Daniels, we have created a culture that grants our drivers unmitigated support and dedicated servicing routes. Having consistent routes means that all customers are serviced regularly, and our drivers can be home in time for dinner. As a family-owned company, we’re proud that our drivers are also freed up to spend time with their loved ones on weekends. Joining the Daniels team as a Driver is joining a career path full of team members to support your continued learning. The opportunities for growth are always plentiful, varied, and encouraged!




Some of our benefits


Spending time with your family is just as important as providing for them financially. As a family-owned company, we’re proud that a majority of our drivers are home in time for dinner and on weekends.


Our benefits include health insurance, vacation & sick pay, 401k eligibilty, and more starting on your first day of employemt. Daniels Health is always working to improve costs of health insurance programs for our employees. We provide our drivers with affordably priced medical, vision, and dental Insurance. 


Reasonable access to overtime are frequently available to drivers.


Daniels supports personal and professional development by providing training programs to help you grow your career as a driver. We have numerous career growth pathways, so you’ll never feel stagnant. 


Our new dedicated fleet of trucks offers automatic transmission vehicles supported with geo-tracking and the latest technology to help you succeed in your routes. 


Sometimes family comes first, we get it! We will work with you to design a consistent schedule.

Types of Driver Roles


Below you can download information about the different driver roles at Daniels to learn what a day in the life of a driver looks like.

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 Not ready to drive yet? We will train you!


  • The upskill program was created to provide growth at Daniels for individuals who have an interest in becoming full-time drivers
  • All plant associates that express interest may be considered  
  • No driving experience necessary – we will train you!  
  • 2-week training program designed to provide hands-on training and cover DOT policy and regulations, customer service, and safe driving.

We're growing everyday...

When I started driving with Daniels, we only had four drivers, now the CEOs at hospitals invite me out to lunch and they rave about Daniels. You walk in and people know who you are. This company is as far away from stagnant as you can be and we're growing everyday. Once you grasp our product and what we do for the industry, you’ll see that we keep finding ways to be innovative. You get what you put in. If you’re a strong individual, mentally and physically, you’ll excel in the labor department and will feel like you’re part of a really good family.  

Terri Schmitz


Always an opportunity...

As a driver with Daniels, I feel a strong sense of ownership. Our company is highly respected in the industry and it makes me proud to serve my customers. My dad had a saying, “If you keep your customers happy, you’ll never have to worry about your job.” Daniels makes it easy to keep our partners happy. There is always an opportunity to solve a problem and my customers have my personal number. I’m their first line of defense and they know they can count on me. There’s a lot of respect for what we’re doing. 

Dennis King


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