How We Serve US Healthcare

Here at Daniels Health, we’re full service providers. This means we manage every aspect of medical waste disposal, from safety and infection control to sustainability. Our waste streams include:


Medical Waste Management & Disposal Services, with a Difference

Daniels services within the four walls of your facility.

Daniels presents a dramatic shift from traditional medical waste companies by operating within the four walls of a healthcare facility. We know healthcare, and our approach reflects a clinical focus on eliminating infection transfer risk, minimizing patient interruptions, increasing efficiency and ensuring staff and patient safety. Through solution scoping, clinically designed containment systems, waste movement audits, traceability solutions, staff training and storage optimization, we provide a tailored solution for each facility we work with that optimizes costs, safety and efficiencies in sharps and medical waste disposal. Daniels’ diverse and flexible offering caters for small independent diagnostic and treatment centers right through to long term care, research centers, laboratories and multi-campus hospitals. See how the Daniels Difference has helped US based healthcare facilities:

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by over 8,200 US facilities as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services, including our very first customer that we signed 22 years ago! Here are some of the brands we protect

Clinically Designed Containers for Clinical Settings 

Leading a new revolution in healthcare waste containment that drives true clinical, safety and infection control results,
Daniels' range of safety engineered products have been peer reviewed in leading medical journals for their 
proven impact on needlestick injuries, hygiene + infection transfer, and waste segregaton. 

The Daniels

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  • Safety

    Safety is central to our vision. We are committed to protecting people and minimizing risk through innovative solutions that demonstrably reduce needlestick injuries and infection transfer.

  • Compliance

    Understanding the complexities of local, regional and national regulations, Daniels Health positions itself as an astute partner in delivering reliable guidance and compliant waste segregation and management solutions.

  • Education

    We understand that each person learns differently and no two healthcare settings are the same; our education solutions are designed as an interchangeable and customizable offering - delivering results through a tailored approach.

  • Efficiency

    Streamlining the efficiencies of healthcare environments through intelligent mapping, process re-engineering and clinically designed products, Daniels solutions enable point-of-use disposal, and optimize costs, labor and serviceability

  • Sustainability

    Since its inception, Daniels Health has focused on the fundamental importance of environmental safety. All Daniels products and waste processing solutions are designed and engineered for minimum environmental impact.

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Have questions? We have answers

Healthcare regulations can be complex to navigate, so we work hard to provide answers to the questions you may have. Enter our Knowledge Center to find blog posts, research papers and FAQ’s on compliant and effective medical waste management.


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