We don't subhaul, it's our trucks, drivers and experienced experts who will be with you every step of the way! Compliant reliable services at a frequency that suits your needs without any third party hauler risk. 


Infection Control and Safety undergird everything we do; clinically engineered medical waste containers, robotic washing and decontamination, and a clinically trained team to help you build your waste management program 


Daniels is experienced and permitted to collection, transport and treat all waste streams that originate from a patient care environment including hazardous and non-haz pharmaceuticals and trace/bulk chemo waste


Our case studies and peer reviewed studies from world-leading medical journals and hospitals prove the Daniels model. From nursing homes and surgery centers to universities and hospitals, we partner for results! 



Arkansas Medical Waste Management | Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Daniels Health offers safe, ecological and cost-effective solutions for the management and disposal of medical waste for all healthcare facilities, research centers, and laboratories in Arkansas.

We are not just a medical waste disposal company! With more than 30 years of clinical experience serving surgical centers, hospitals, labs and medical research facilities, Daniels Health are industry experts in the regulatory compliance and governance of collecting, transporting and treating ALL medical waste streams, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Our customizable solutions include:

  • BIohazard Waste & Sharps Disposal in Arkansas
  • Regulated medical waste (red bag waste) 
  • Trace Chemotherapy (cytotoxic waste) 
  • Expired RX Pharmaceuticals Disposal 
  • Controlled substances, via RX Destroyer 
  • Pathological waste 
  • RCRA / Hazardous waste 
  • Surgical Device Recovery
  • OSHA Compliance Training 




Arkansas Healthcare Waste Regulations

Where there are research labs there is medical and biohazardous waste, this waste is regulated by the Arkansas Department of Health, which stipulates:

  • All bags and containers used must be correctly labeled and sealed
  • Used sharps must be stored in rigid, leak-proof containers
  • The name of the facility which generated the medical waste must appear on all containers and bags
  • No medical or biohazardous waste can remain at the facility it was generated in for more than 30 days once the container has been filled and closed
  • Untreated medical waste cannot be disposed of in landfill
  • Treated medical waste via an approved method such as incineration or autoclaving can be disposed of in a permitted sanitary landfill facility in accordance with the Arkansas “Solid Waste Management Code”

Medical Waste Disposal in Arkansas can be confusing, we get it! Daniels Health is here to help you navigate the tricky regulatory guidelines associated with everything from sharps waste to pharmaceutical waste disposal, and even RCRA Hazardous Waste disposal. 


Biomedical Waste Segregation Guidelines


Clinical Waste Management With a Difference

Here are a few reasons why we have the most innovative and cost-effective healthcare waste solutions in America…


Immediate Cost Reduction

Our unique services deliver substantial cost savings via our reusable containers and clear and transparent pricing. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. We will work with your facility to establish right-fit container sizes and service frequencies to ensure your costs are managed. By consolidating all waste streams to a single vendor, you will decrease your pickup frequency and enjoy the cost saving benefits


Space Optimization 

Our container mounting and movement accessories enable sharps, pharmaceutical and medical waste containers to be positioned at the point of use, in addition to flexible options for wall mounting, bench mounting and mobile trolleys to easily move containers in and out of your working environment.


Safety and Compliance 

Daniels Health are the experts on local and federal regulations, we partner with healthcare facilities like yours to ensure compliant medical waste disposal is achieved throughout your entire waste management journey. Whether for the collection, disposal and treatment of pathological waste, trace chemotherapy, sharps, pharmaceutical or regulated medical waste, Daniels have industry-leading containers and expertise to manage all waste streams to the highest degree of compliance. Compliant waste segregation drives cost savings for your facility and can also save you from hefty fines with biohazard disposal in Arkansas.

We don’t just deliver a medical waste service in Arkansas; we deliver a partnership that optimizes the safety, labor, cost efficiencies and green footprint of your facility. 



Daniels Health understands the needs of healthcare facilities in Arkansas.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage your medical and biohazardous waste disposal.


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Arkansas State Resources & Requirements

Arkansas EPA

1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200

Dallas, Texas 75202

800 887 6063

Medical Waste Disposal

Arkansas department of health

4815 W Markham St

Little Rock, AR 72205

501 661 2000

Waste Classification

Infectious Waste in Arkansas is defined as:

Laboratory wastes, including pathological specimens (i.e., all tissues, specimens of blood elements, excreta and secretions obtained from patients and laboratory animals) and disposal fomites (any substance which may harbor or transmit pathogenic organisms) attendant thereto. It also means surgical operating room pathologic specimens and disposal fomites attendant thereto and similar disposal materials from out-patient areas and emergency rooms, including equipment, instruments, utensils and fomites of a disposal nature from the rooms of patients who are suspected to have or have been diagnosed as having a communicable disease and must, therefore, be isolated, as required by public health agencies.

Storage Requirements

Arkansas state requirements mandate:

Medical waste is to be packaged in a container that can prevent leakage. It shall be stored in a manner and location that protects it from adverse weather conditions and minimizes exposure to the public with proper signs including the universal biohazard sign. Once the container has been filled and closed, you may not store that container on site for more than thirty (30) days.

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