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We don't subhaul, it's our trucks, drivers and experienced experts who will be with you every step of the way! Compliant reliable services at a frequency that suits your needs without any third party hauler risk. 


Infection Control and Safety undergird everything we do; clinically engineered medical waste containers, robotic washing and decontamination, and a clinically trained team to help you build your waste management program 


Daniels is experienced and permitted to collection, transport and treat all waste streams that originate from a patient care environment including hazardous and non-haz pharmaceuticals and trace/bulk chemo waste



Our case studies and peer reviewed studies from world-leading medical journals and hospitals prove the Daniels model. From nursing homes and surgery centers to universities and hospitals, we partner for results! 



Indiana Medical Waste Management | Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Indiana is known as the Hoosier state. After decades of debate, the question of where ‘Hoosier’ came from has not been completely answered. However, there are clues in Indiana’s rich history that may explain the namesake.


One popular theory is that the word was derived from the local dialect, and was actually slang for “who’s there?” Another theory is that it refers to corn, as the Indian word for the vegetable is ‘Hoosa’, being the commonly grown cop in the region. However, the most likely answer relates to a contractor from early 1800s, named Hoosier, who hired the majority of his workers from Indiana, and his workforce became known as the “Hoosier’s men”. Regardless of this mystery, Indiana has established itself as a prosperous, engaging and colorful state, well known for a number of things.

Then there's racing. For over a century every May during Memorial Day weekend hundreds of thousands of fans flock to Indianapolis to watch the Indy 500, a race that is considered as one of the gems in the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indy 500 has spawned its own style of open-wheel, open-cockpit racing simply known as Indy Car Racing. The gambling doesn't stop there...Evansville is home to Indiana's first casino, "Tropicana Evansville".  Also, synonymous with Indiana is ice cream. The state is ranked second nationally in terms of ice-cream production and in 2011 it produces 87 million gallons of the sweet treat, from only 19 factories, in just 1 year. 


And then there's healthcare...

With all of that ice cream, Hoosiers are glad that they can rely on Indiana’s robust healthcare system, which caters to its 6.7 million residents. And Daniels Health will be there to help. Daniels Health is a leading American biohazardous waste management solution provider, proud to service the healthcare facilities of Indiana, from Fort Wayne, to Evansville, to Indianapolis and everything in between.



Daniels Health is a leading expert in healthcare, providing affordable medical waste services to Indiana's clinical environment for 15+ years.

As trusted partners of IU Health and many other leading healthcare facilities of all sizes throughout the Midwest, our staff have a deep understanding of Indiana state regulations. In addition to regulatory guidance, education, & compliance training, Daniels Health provides local clinical waste management for the following waste streams:

A partnership with Daniels ensures that no stone is left unturned in your facility. Our waste audits identify the level of correct segregation happening at your sites. Results from these audits enable us to partner with you at a ward level to review container placement and sizes, provide further training and assess current behaviors to drive the most effective segregation outcomes. We understand how to reduce waste in hospitals and non-acute facilities and are passionate about our mission to ensure a sustainable future in healthcare waste management.




We manage all medical waste streams...

We'll help you navigate tricky state-specific biohazardous and medical waste regulations in Indiana. Our years of experience can help you and your healthcare facility ensure that you comply with the regulations set out by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Our state-of-the-art, innovative waste container system, Medismart, is proven to reduce infection, waste and costs.


The Daniels Medismart system is the result of decades of clinical experience and dedicated innovation. We conducted a 3-year, peer-reviewed study of a 360-bed Acute Care Private Hospital that switched from a regular 64 gallon bin to a Daniels 17 gallon Medismart bin, and found: 

  • A reduction in medical waste mass of 53.2%
  • A reduction in medical waste volume, of 65.2%
  • A reduction in labor cost associated with logistics in handling waste, of 69.2%
  • A reduction in medical waste disposal cost of 30.9%
  • Minimized infection potential and sharps injury risk
  • Efficiencies in space and waste movement
  • Improved waste segregation



We use sustainability as a driver of efficiencies for our clients.

Our philosophy for biomedical waste management is to approach our client’s problems with their safety, sustainability and budgetary impact in mind. We do things differently at Daniels and are proud to offer some of the best ‘green’ biohazardous and medical waste solutions in America. We supply reusable products, and place proper waste segregation at the forefront of our training. Daniels Health offers revolutionary medical waste processing and wash-down methods to ensure we limit our impact on the environment and work towards our goal of ‘greening’ the medical waste disposal industry. This benefits both the environment and our clients, who we empower to more effectively manage their waste.


Daniels Health understands the needs of healthcare facilities in Indiana.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage medical and biohazardous waste disposal in Indiana.


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  • "Our only regret is that we did not change sooner"

    We had used a local competitor for many years before switching to Daniels, our only regret is that we did not change sooner. I would recommend them to any medical facility looking for medical waste removal.

    Mid America Pathology Laboratory, IN

Indiana State Resources & Requirements

Indiana EPA

US EPA Region 5

77 W. Jackson Blvd. Mail Code P-19J

Chicago, IL 60604-3590

800 621 8431

Daniels Indiana Site

8719 Boehning Lane

Indianapolis, IN 46219 

888 952 5580

Waste Classification

Hazardous waste means a solid waste, or combination of solid waste that, because of its quantity, concentration or physical, chemical or infectious characteristics may: Cause or significantly contribute to an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible, or incapacitating reversible, illness; or Pose a substantial present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly treated, stored, transported or disposed of, or otherwise managed.

Storage Requirements

Indiana state requirements mandate:

If infectious waste is stored prior to final disposal, all persons shall store infectious waste in a secure area that: Is locked or otherwise secured to eliminate access by or exposure to the general public; and Affords protection from adverse environmental conditions and vermin; and Has a prominently displayed biohazard symbol. In addition: Stored in a manner that preserves the integrity of the container, and is not conducive to rapid microbial growth and putrefaction; and Disinfect reusable containers for infectious waste each time that they are emptied, unless the surfaces of the reusable containers have been protected from contamination by disposable liners, bags, or other devices that are removed with the infectious waste.

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