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  • We provide medical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitized through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • It is our drivers and our trucks that will service your facility, no third party hauler risk
  • We are up front with our costs and transparent with our contracts 
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, disposal costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers


  • Regulated Medical Waste Services 
  • Biohazardous Sharps Services 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Chemotherapy and Hazardous Waste Services 
  • Onsite and online compliance and education


Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal in New York State


New York State is home to more than 19 million people, and more than half live in the world-famous New York City, or the ‘Big Apple’ as it is affectionately known. 

The rest occupy other areas of the expansive state, which ranks fourth largest by area in the country, such as Buffalo-Niagara Falls, Rochester, Albany and the Capital District, Syracuse, Utica-Rome, Bingham, Kingston, Glens Falls and Watertown-Fort Drum. New York State is also famous for housing impressive and world-renowned landmarks, architecture and tourist attractions, including one of the seven wonders of the world: Niagara Falls. Every year more than 60 million tourists from around the world flock to the New York City to get a glimpse of The Statue of Liberty, scale the Empire State Building, take a stroll through Central Park and visit the iconic Times Square.


A lesser known fact about New York State is the first ever hospital in the United States of America, was opened there. The hospital was situated on Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty now proudly stands and was thought to have been in operation as early as 1902. More than a century later, New York State now has close to 200 hospitals, as well as clinical labs, aged care facilities, veterinary clinics, ivy league colleges and research facilities, all generating medical and or biohazardous waste. The medical and biohazardous waste disposal regulations for New York State are managed by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation or (DEC). Under these regulations, facilities must dispose of their waste using the following processes:

  • Autoclave (our preference where possible, more green!) 

  • Incineration (mandatory for hazardous and pharmaceutical waste) 

  • Chemical disinfection

  • Electro-thermal or steam-thermal inactivation 

Additionally, in New York State, the generator of the waste is responsible for the proper packaging, labeling and documentation of that waste, for it to be transported off-site and disposed of.


As locals in the five boroughs, we at Daniels Health pride ourselves on providing quality medical and biohazardous waste disposal options to New York State.

Daniels Health has the only medical waste treatment facility in the five boroughs, meaning - we are as local as you can get! Our facility in the Bronx is located only twenty minutes from downtown manhattan, and supports hundreds of small to medium sized healthcare facilities, laboratories and hospitals in healthcare waste management. Our local team is involved in all of our New York healthcare accounts - leading education and segregation initiatives to drive lower costs and environmental output, walking facilities to understand the exact needs of product, placement and scheduling, and providing medical waste and pharmaceutical waste compliance advice in accordance with local New York State regulations. With local transport, processing and employment - we can deliver the best value, most efficient service and local peace of mind to New York healthcare facilities. Being local means a lot! It means that we: 

  • Understand local regulations and can provide expert advice and containers specific to your facility's processes, waste volumes and waste types 
  • Can come and meet you! We're in the area, you're not talking to someone over the phone in Seattle! 
  • Can respond quickly. Need an urgent service? We can get a truck routed.. with sharps or medical waste containers.. within the blink of an eye 
  • Don't use sub-haulers! We're not trusting your facility to someone else... our customers trust us to manage their risk - and we take that responsibility seriously! 
  • Can recommend the greatest local gems such as Box Kite on W 72nd St - the best coffee in New York! Just in case you asked…


Clinically focused, trustworthy pricing, genuine customer experience.

Healthcare has changed drastically over the past 40 years due to advancements in technology and science. That’s why we are proud to take an innovative approach to the medical waste disposal needs of our clients and have different solutions for containment and processing that can improve the safety and running costs of your business. We are the national leader in cutting edge waste solutions and will work with you to resolve your facility’s individual needs, including:

  • Point of use leakproof and reusable containment solutions for sharps disposal, medical, pharmaceutical, hazardous and trace chemotherapy waste

  • Solutions designed to minimize or eliminate red bag waste

  • Tamperproof lockable containers that are reusable and eco friendly

  • Flexible scheduling that suits the needs of your business and ensures you only pay for what you use!  

  • Complete transparency in our costs, promises and contracts


With local service, people and expertise, Daniels Health is the perfect partner. Most importantly, we have "the best containers in the world" - reusable sharps container systems and medical waste containers that have proven dramatic reductions in needlestick injuries, waste volumes and injuries around the world. Our innovative systems are suitable for:

  • Regulated medical waste and sharps disposal 
  • Chemotherapy trace and bulk waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste and RCRA
  • Surgical devices and instruments


As locals, Daniels Health understands the needs of healthcare facilities in New York State.
Contact us and see how we can help you better manage your medical and biohazardous waste disposal.


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New York State Resources & Requirements


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Waste Classification

New York State has monitored the collection and transport of Medical waste since 1988. Under the revised definition, materials which have come into contact with small quantities of body fluids such as blood, are not considered RMW unless completely saturated to the point of dripping. Therefore, items such as bandages and gauze pads which are tinged with blood (or other body fluids) may now be placed in the general commercial waste stream.

Storage Requirements

All RMW must be stored in an area designated and clearly labelled with the word ‘biohazard’ or the universal biohazard symbol. It must be contained in an area properly ventilated, separated from other solid wastes, sealed to eliminate risk of discharge, and situated in a non-public location only accessible by authorized personnel.  

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