Local, Cost-Effective Waste Disposal


We establish waste collection service frequencies that match the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating, ensuring you're only paying for what you need. 


As a national company with locally based service teams, we will not sub-contract out your waste. It's our trucks, our facilities, our treatment. We don't put your compliance at risk. 


We are a leading healthcare waste expert managing biohazardous wate, pathological waste, sharps, non-hazardous + hazardous pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy waste. 


Our sharps containers and medical waste bins are designed by clinicians for clinicians; engineered for safety, robotically washed and sanitized for optimum infection control, designed for healthcare 


Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Syracuse


From “Salt Point” to “Webster’s Landing.” From “Bogardus Corners” to “Milan.” From “South Salina” to “Cossit’s Corner” to “Corinth.” Through all of Syracuse’s name changes, throughout the years the essence of the city remained true. Now appropriately known as “Salt City” for its beginnings in the salt industry, Syracuse is the 5th most populated city in all of New York and the perfect place for us to do business.  


“The Emerald City” has a way of entrancing all those who fall under its spell. Our team appreciates the history and beauty found at the Roasmound Gifford Zoo. Once only 4 acres, we enjoy watching the wildlife interact on more than 43 acres of flora and fauna. We also enjoy taking a trip to ‘Glazed & Confused’ Bakery for their mouthwatering, tantalizing sweet treats. From the ‘Springfield’ with its yummy strawberry glaze, to the ‘Cereal Killer,’ not as nearly as dangerous as its name and dipped in cereal, we love giving ourselves something sinfully sweet to die for!

Syracuse takes its healthcare as serious as its food. Our team commends the medical staff of the St. Joseph’s Health Hospital for their masterly performance. This teaching hospital has been ranked as the 16th best hospital in the whole state of New York according to the U.S. News and World Report! They are also regarded as the best in the Central New York Region, as well as the city of Syracuse. This accomplished medical facility has been acknowledged as “High Performing” for noteworthy execution of healthcare practices in 8 various procedures.

As the clinicians of Syracuse strive to provide immaculate healthcare, we strive to provide immaculate healthcare waste management services.


Syracuse Healthcare Waste Management with a difference.


With over 30 years of delivering trustworthy medical waste disposal services, we are passionate about re-inventing the management of infectious waste. Daniels Health can help to lower costs and fight infection at your Syracuse healthcare facility. With customer excellence at the forefront of our priorities, we design a program that fits your unique needs. Our trained drivers, who assume all risks associated with cradle-to-grave service, cover all the bases. With our thriving headquarters based in Easton, PA, we are prepared to service your patient-care facility on time, every time. With 8,200 customers partnering with us across the US, we continue to manage the disposal of biohazardous waste, including:

  • chemotherapy waste
  • medical waste
  • pharmaceutical waste
  • sharps disposal
  • hazardous waste

A trusted regulatory partner is priceless when it comes to efficient and compliant healthcare waste management. Speak to one of our experts to see how we can deliver the luxury of top-notch infection control, lowered costs of operation, and decreased environmental impact straight to your doorstep.




Medical Waste Disposal for all-sized patient care facilities in Syracuse

Here's what a partnership with Daniels Health looks like:

  • We choose reusable medical waste containers to reduce environmental impact and eliminate re-purchasing costs.
  • Our advanced tracking technology allows us to identify areas of improvement for segregation, waste volumes, and right-fit container sizing
  • Our robotic washline technology ensures each medical waste bin is thoroughly sanitized to a level 4 times higher than CDC requirements.
  • We determine the needs of your medical practice individually while adhering to guidelines with a clear, concise contract. No surprises guaranteed.
  • From low volume to high volume healthcare facilities, our scalable biohazard waste disposal services are designed to work efficiently for single, or multi-site, surgery centers of any size.


Navigating New York Medical Waste Regulations 

Safety of clinicians and patients has never been more important, which is why we place infection control at the forefront of our efforts. Through the execution of decreased waste handling and expertly sanitized bins, we lower your cross-contamination levels.

Procurement is the key to optimal waste management. When you purchase less disposable items, less waste is produced and waste classification and segregation are simplified. As your newly appointed waste management partner, we provide educational resources to help you understand the proper protocol for disposal. The New York EPA requires that all infectious waste must be properly labelled and contained in a well-ventilated area. We will confidently assist you with following all New York state regulations.

We are also sure to provide medical waste pickup reports detailing the number of containers serviced, the amount and types of waste disposed of, and Certificates of Destruction. Most importantly, you will relish in the satisfaction of using the best hospital waste containers available. Allow us to add your Syracuse facility to our story. Click here to take a look at our selection or click below to hear from our customers. 



We service locally.


In a metropolitan area like New York, reliable medical waste management is key. Our local processing facility is armed with robotic washlines, managed by a team of operational experts and highly-trained drivers who have their routes mapped out clearly. Despite rush hour traffic jams, our team is committed to servicing your facility on time, every time. For information about the local medical waste handling and storage regulations applicable in Syracuse, visit our New York services page here


Featured Product.


The Daniels Medismart was designed for healthcare facilities generating medium to large volumes of regulated medical waste. This bagless and reusable container reduces costs and environment impact by eliminating re-purchasing costs and plastic consumption. Combined with the Accessmart cart, the Medismart becomes entirely foot-pedal operated, touch-free, and mobile. These features directly impact clinical safety and efficiency, allowing clinicians to focus on what matters most- providing quality patient care.