Medical Waste Management for Pennsylvania Healthcare

Partnering with Daniels means choosing service centered on safety and infection control. We create a waste disposal plan that meets your facility's unique needs.

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Healthcare Waste Management Simplified

Daniels Health offers customizable solutions for a variety of waste streams including:

  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Pharma Waste
  • Sharps Waste
  • Trace Chemo Waste
  • Anatomical Waste

Providing Pennsylvania clinicians with modern medical waste management solutions.

Choosing Daniels Health means choosing a partner with over 30 years of healthcare waste management experience.


Daniels Health is not your average medical waste management partner. We devised all our containment systems and services to protect clinicians and offer a sustainable alternative to what was the industry norm - single-use plastic or cardboard containers. We believe, and have proven with multiple peer-reviewed studies, that with a few modifications to your waste management plan and behaviors, you will see a marked improvement in safety and decrease in overall costs. Our clinically-designed containers and services ensure:

  • We design a waste pickup schedule designed on your required service frequency 
  • We deliver the right sized medical waste containers for the volume of waste you generate 
  • Biohazardous, pharmaceutical and sharps containers designed for clinical environments 
  • A simple segregation plan for hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals
  • An integrated compliance, education and waste segregation plan for your facility 
  • All services carried out by Daniels drivers delivering consistent reliable services 
  • Simple to understand Contracts with "no surprises" pricing 
  • Local and specialized customer service and product support 



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Looking for a waste provider?

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Waste Audit Assessment

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Helping Pennsylvania Healthcare Facilities manage their medical waste

Our local Pennsylvania Team. 

Offering a customer-first experience for Pennsylvania healthcare facilities since the early 2000s, our team out of Easton, PA oversees every step of your healthcare waste management process. Not only do they provide clinical solutions to the Pennsylvania area, their efforts stretch to New York, Delaware, and New Jersey! This team is an integral part of the Northeast Daniels Health operations and operates out of a 24,000 square foot facility. The Easton team are aware of your local regulations and will act as a true partner in your medical waste management needs – helping you anticipate changes to your waste program and advising on best practice. Like all our Business Units across the US, the Easton Business Unit is equipped with robotic-washing technology – ensuring sanitized and safe reusable healthcare waste containment systems. Our team in Easton:

  • Manage all waste pickups and scheduling 
  • Are your customer service go-to support partners! 
  • Are experts in all things compliance when it comes to local regulations. 

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by over 8,200 US facilities as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services, including our very first customer that we signed 19 years ago! Here are some of the brands we protect