Maryland Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Daniels Health is a full-service healthcare waste management partner that prioritizes safety and infection control.

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Simple Healthcare Waste Management

Daniels Health has the ability to service all of your medical waste streams, including:

  • Sharps Waste
  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Trace Chemotherapy Waste
  • RCRA Waste

Maryland's preferred partner for modern healthcare waste management.

Daniels Health takes a unique, clinically-focused approach to medical waste that will optimize your safety.


Our story began with a singular mission: to make healthcare safer for clinical workers by reducing the risk of sharps injury during disposal and management. From that vision we built a reusable sharps container, the Sharpsmart, that is proven to reduce the risk of container-related sharps injuries by up to 87%! But we didn't stop there, we kept evolving to where we are today: a full-service waste management partner that can manage all healthcare waste streams your facility generates. Safety remains at the core of everything we do and drives our goal to modernize healthcare waste management through safer practices, innovative containment systems, and improved clinical education.

We have proudly partnered with medical facilities in and around Maryland for decades; offering compliant disposal of not only sharps waste but red bag, pharma, and trace chemotherapy. However, our services don't stop at simply picking up and disposing of waste - when you choose us as a partner you gain access to our clinically-designed waste collectors that have a full suite of inbuilt safety features to protect you.

Actually, our containment systems are so innovative that they are categorized as Safety Engineered Devices! A few of the inbuilt features for your protection are:

  • Temporary and Permanent Locks - providing additional peace of mind that when waste is transported it is secure and irretrievable 
  • Impenetrable Plastic Body - eliminate the risk of injury due to container puncture
  • Reduction of Touches - all of our reusable solutions are designed for hands-free waste disposal, reducing your risk of infection


Partnering with Daniels Health will open many possibilities to not only optimize your costs but safety, efficiencies, and sustainability. We have a team of clinical experts at your service to provide a free waste consultation and quote for healthcare waste management with Daniels Health today!


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Our Process of Partnership

Your local Maryland Team. 

Many organizations boast that their colleagues feel like family, and while it may be cliche it is true - especially with your local Maryland team. This group of experts oversee every step of your customer journey from container delivery, to pick up, to final disposal and destruction documentation of your healthcare waste. This team is based at our clean processing and treatment facility right in the heart of Baltimore - a state-of-the-art facility equipped with an autoclave for sustainable treatment of waste and our patented Washsmart system that sanitizes our reusable containers to a level 4 times higher than required by the CDC.

Your team at the Baltimore plant oversee:

  • That all full collectors are decanted of their contents 
  • All documentation needed for your waste disposal (like weighing and certificates of destruction)
  • The sanitization of our reusable containment systems
  • Filling transporters with clean, empty collectors to go out to all our customers
  • General service scheduling and frequency amendments 


  • "The program has been extremely successful"

    The program has been extremely successful by reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and their service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and their success and will continue to use them.

    Upper Chesapeake Health, MD
  • "I could not be more pleased with the customer service and products"

    I could not be more pleased with the customer service and products we have received from Daniels. Our business manager is part of our team and always willing to jump right into any situation, ready to problem solve and help.

    Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, MD

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by over 8,200 US facilities as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services, including our very first customer that we signed 21 years ago! Here are some of the brands we protect