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08 Sep 2023

Spotlighting Global Transformation with Lauren Stabosz

When healthcare facilities partner with Daniels Health, they get to know many familiar faces. But beyond the frontline, there are many roles and responsibilities that collectively contribute to our goal of making healthcare safer. Every individual plays a vital part in shaping the company's journey, and we're shining a light on some of the people and teams that our customers may not interact with every day.

In this spotlight feature, we turn our attention to Lauren Stabosz, an exceptional member of the Daniels Health family. With a trajectory that began in 2012 and continues to this day, Lauren's story encapsulates dedication, growth, and an unwavering commitment to transforming the customer experience. This not only sheds light on Lauren's remarkable contributions but also celebrates the values and aspirations that define the company as a whole.


1 / From Craigslist to Career

2 / Charting a New Course

3 / Global Transformation Team Assemble

4 / From Sleepless Nights to Success

5 / Lauren's Journey Ahead 

From Craigslist to Career

The year is 2012. Lauren Stabosz, then known as Lauren Calomino, sat on a jiggling Chicago train car, her heart beating with a nervous rhythm. Her phone rang. She answered. She said yes. She had just accepted a position with a small waste management company originally based in Australia, with no more than 800 customers. It was a company called Daniels Health. Little did she know that, 11 years and thousands of satisfied customers later, she would be instrumental to one of the most important teams and projects in Daniels Health history. 

A project and team with one goal: to revolutionize the customer experience

Charting a New Course

The day after accepting the entry-level billing role, Lauren went in for her first day of work at Daniels Health. 

“I came in for orientation, and it wasn’t really orientation. They put me to work all day and then took me out for happy hour. I was showered with martinis.” It didn’t take long for Lauren to fall in love with this small-but-growing company. “I have met a lot of friends through Daniels, people that have come to my wedding. I feel like I’m always appreciated, and my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s like a family vibe.”

And it became evident that Lauren wanted to help this family not only grow, but follow its mission of making healthcare safer. She thrived as both the Revenue Manager and Finance Project Manager for a combined nine years.  As a Revenue Manager, Lauren danced between numbers and customers, ensuring billing accuracy, preparing financial reports, and assisting the sales team. After being promoted to her Finance Project Manager role, Lauren orchestrated a symphony of customer roll-outs, balanced inventory requirements, and ensured proper resource allocation. Her experience in these positions led to the honing of various skills, but the most significant growth came from grasping the nuances of billing and revenue, especially from the customer's viewpoint.

“I’ve been with Daniels so long that I know our customers like the back of my hand”

But through a decade at Daniels, Lauren saw something in the customer experience. The potential to be better. “We have grown tremendously… and we’re ready to move on to bigger and better things.” So, armed with her billing and revenue expertise, and her inside-out knowledge of the business, Lauren and the entire Global Transformation Team decided to hone in on the customer experience

Global Transformation Team Assemble

In 2021, Lauren was promoted to her current role of Transformation Project Manager, where she would serve as the billing and contract expert for the Global Transformation Team. Since then, Lauren and the team have been working behind the scenes with one goal in mind: simplify and enhance the customer experience through streamlined and digitized operations. 

The team is working on a variety of new customer benefits, including: 

  • Improvements in billing and invoice processes
  • Instant container and transporter visibility
  • Effortless access to invoices
  • Improved customer inquiry response efficiency

“We are making a very significant change to the organization, and this affects our drivers, plant staff, customer service, operations, finance, and our customers,” said VP of Business Transformation, David Prince.       

Completely revolutionizing the customer experience is a massive undertaking. But the Global Business Transformation Team is meeting this challenge head-on. 

“We meet every single day… it is imperative we get it right,” said Lauren.  A few months into her new role, Lauren got the best news of her life. She and her husband Adam were having a baby girl.  

From Sleepless Nights to Success

“When I returned from leave, I was so sleep deprived, I was still recovering physically and mentally.” Returning to the world of billing and revenue was quite an adjustment from maternity leave. “During my three months off, I was just in mom mode 24/7 so it was hard to flip the switch to get into work mode.” Despite being both physically and mentally exhausted, Lauren dove her work… and continued to thrive.  “She manages to juggle her busy personal life and all of the critical deadlines… we would not be here without Lauren,” said David Prince.

How? Well, Lauren learned a few things.

Lauren said staying organized, setting realistic expectations, taking a breather from time to time, and most importantly, asking for help, has kept her not only afloat but swimming. “Ask for help whenever it is needed because I’m sure help with be provided. You don’t have to do everything on your own.” Lauren leaned on the Global Transformation Team for this support. Their collaboration played a significant role in tackling challenges and resolving issues effectively, all while keeping the customer's needs at the forefront.  “I’m just really lucky to be able to work with such hard-working and dedicated individuals… it’s huge when it comes to challenges and issues.” 

Lauren’s Journey Ahead

Lauren moved to South Carolina in 2018 where she and her husband Adam are raising their 18-month-old daughter (who has grown her “own little personality and likes to chime in on calls”) . She is grateful to Daniels for being so accommodating.

 “I love working for Daniels. They let me move and work remote before that was normalized. They are really supportive with things going on in my personal life,” said Lauren.

Whatever customer-focused project the Business Transformation team embarks on, Lauren is ready to jump right in. “I just want to keep learning and growing at Daniels and just take on more future projects… I like keeping things interesting.” But before taking on Daniels’ next revolutionary project, Lauren, once again, must step away for a much more important job.

“It’s a boy.”

Lauren is pregnant with her and Adam’s second child! She is due December 2nd of this year. 11 years and thousands of satisfied customers later, Lauren is happy with her husband, her daughter, and her baby boy on the way. And through it all, she’s been with Daniels and Daniels has been with her.  From the bottom of our hearts, Lauren, thank you and congratulations. We wouldn’t be here without you.





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