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21 Sep 2023

What Sets Sharpsmart Apart From Other Medical Waste Containers?

Sharps disposal is an integral part of most every healthcare setting. Before investing in a comprehensive waste management system like Sharpsmart for handling your sharps waste, you may have an important question: How does it stack up against other sharps disposal systems? Let’s explore five of the top reasons to choose Sharpsmart.


1 / Top Choice for Safety

2 / Special Features

3 / Designed for the Strictest of Clinical Needs

4 / Environmental Sensible Features

5 / Practical Design Features

6 / Sharpsmart is a Step Ahead on Safety and Sustainability 

Top Choice for Safety

The first thing that comes to mind when handling sharps should always be injury prevention. Sharps can be a very hazardous waste stream, especially if mishandled. By reducing handling and disposal time, well-designed containers can minimize the risks of sharps accidents. In fact, several studies have shown that implementing Sharpsmart reduces sharps and needlestick injuries in facilities by up to 87%. This represents a significant improvement in staff safety and means clinicians can focus on their work of caring for patients, rather than being slowed down by injuries or wasting time with cumbersome disposal methods. Faster disposal equals fewer needlestick incidents. Sharpsmart’s impeccable safety over other reusable or disposable systems owes to its smart design features. 

Special Features

Sharpsmart containers feature a clinically-designed safety tray, which other bins don’t have. The extra wide opening of the Sharpsmart makes it the largest safety tray on the market. This makes disposing of a sharp effortless with no fussing or fiddling – gravity does all the work. The smart designed tray also ensures that hands cannot access the waste inside the container. Sharpsmart bins arrive at your facility fully assembled, unlike many other available sharps containers, which require assembly and pose a risk of this being done improperly or causing delays in disposal. 

Sharpsmart also features a unique overfill protection feature. With a tray that locks itself when the fill level is reached, Sharpsmart eliminates the risk of employees attempting to overstuff the container. In fact, thanks to Sharpsmart’s “smart” design, sharps effortlessly stack neatly inside the unit, allowing for more space to be used for storage rather than the haphazard placement that typically occurs in traditional containers. This translates to containers filling up more slowly, enhancing the efficiency of staffers.  

Sharpsmart reusable containers also pass the “candy test.” Daniels developed the candy test in response to years of hearing clinicians’ concerns about sharps container safety. The candy test asked: If a small child dropped a piece of candy into a sharps container, would they be able to reach in with their tiny hands to retrieve it? If the answer is yes; obviously, a child could get seriously injured or even infected from doing so. In Sharpsmart’s case, the answer is no. 

Even the smallest of hands cannot get through the safety tray to access the interior of the bin. This provides great peace of mind in any facility, but especially those with child patients. Overall, Sharpsmart was developed from years of research to produce an OSHA safety-engineered device that could significantly reduce the amount of sharps injuries medical facilities face, and it has been proven to do that task. 

Designed for the Strictest of Clinical Needs

Daniel’s invested in a multi-year clinical research and development process for Sharpsmart in order for industry experts to design a highly effective and efficient system for clinicians. As a result of this process, the Sharpsmart line of products meets or exceeds every relevant standard. Its quality neoprene lid promises leak-proof performance, whereas other containers on the market may only offer leak resistance. High-quality ABS means Sharpsmart bins exceed ASTM standards for puncture resistance and is truly puncture proof. 

It was also important to make the Sharpsmart tamper-proof. That’s why each pre-assembled container sports permanent side locks. This helps prevent injuries and avoid misuse or recovery of trashed needles. Once bins are full, the permanent side locks can only be opened with special tools at our processing facility.

Finally, Sharpsmart bins only advertise their true fill capacity, unlike other products that display their total capacity regardless of their usability. You can count on the true fill rate to provide accurate information, and your facility will only need to replace them at exactly the anticipated time, not sooner than you had planned.  

Environmentally Sensible Features

Sharpsmart containers are reusable, saving long-term costs and enhancing your facility’s sustainability efforts. Disposable sharps containers head straight to the landfill, and your facility will need to  repurchase them every time. But, if your facility uses reusable containers like Sharpsmart, they can empty, sanitize, and reuse them many times over. Sending disposable containers to the trash may not seem like a large impact at first, but over time, this represents a significant addition to a facility’s environmental footprint. 

Unlike other reusable sharps disposal bins, Daniels’ containers are run through Washsmart after each use, which delivers sanitization levels four times higher than CDC standards. Moreover, containers run through the Washsmart process pass the stringent Ninhydrin test.

The endurance and reusability of Sharpsmart containers reduce purchasing needs. Facilities that use other disposable solutions for sharps disposal need to buy them again and again. This increases costs despite a promising initial price tag. While Sharpsmart may require a greater investment at first, a trustworthy reusable system like it offers long-term cost-savings on top of its reduced environmental impact. 

Practical Design Features

Finally, the Sharpsmart line incorporates numerous features to make everyday usage easier and more practical. Freestanding options of various sizes are available to enable installation or mobility to get to wherever waste generation occurs–point-of-use disposal always improves safety outcomes. Sharpsmart units have a temporary front lock and handle in addition to their permanent side locks, so workers can safely move them while still in use.

Like comparable containers on the market, the bins have raised edges along the top and bottom for convenient and stable stacking, allowing for effortless storage. What gives Daniels’ containers an edge is that they also offer universal mounting brackets for all containers. This provides greater flexibility for installing bins in more locations. This should also reduce accessory costs, eliminating the need for cabinet housing of containers and multiple different transport solutions. This system is even interchangeable for different sizes of containers.

A weighted horizontal drop enables hands-free disposal, something other reusable and disposable containers lack. Not only does this make eliminating sharps faster, but it also increases safety when staff members don’t need to struggle when their hands are full. Moreover, the efficient horizontal drop aperture ensures sharps stack conveniently to maximize usage of the container’s capacity.

Last but not least, Daniels containers are available and color-coded for all medical waste streams. Consequently, Daniels Health waste disposal products can form a one-stop shop for nearly any facility’s waste management needs. From general medical waste to pharmaceuticals to chemo to, of course, sharps, you can acquire and manage the final disposal of containers through one convenient and reliable waste management partner. Ultimately, choosing Sharpsmart and partnering with Daniels across the board offers many benefits over relying on a hodge-podge of containers from separate suppliers. 

Sharpsmart is a Step Ahead on Safety and Sustainability

Sharpsmart reusable waste disposal containers offer a competitive suite of features for environmental-friendliness, safety, clinical use, and practicality that most reusable and disposable sharps containers don’t match. If you are looking for a solution for sharps waste for your medical facility, Sharpsmart offers the peace of mind healthcare professionals demand. In an environment that’s inherently fast-paced and under-pressure, equipping staff with a sharps solution that addresses their needs is one big step towards creating an overall better experience for both staff and patients. Reach out to Daniels to learn more and get your specific questions about Sharpsmart answered by our team of experts.





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