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19 Dec 2019

Behind the Scenes: Daniels Non-Acute Team

There’s a common misconception that Daniels Health caters only to acute-care facilities like hospitals or that we only manage sharps waste. We’re happy to say our commitment to Making Healthcare Safer extends to a variety of non-acute facilities from dialysis centers, to general practices, to ambulatory centers and more!

Daniels Health has also been servicing most healthcare waste streams for a while now… like over a couple decades. We provide solutions, disposal, and treatment for:

We wanted to bring in one of our experts that helps connect non-acute care centers with our solutions and services every day, Jack Breslin.

Jack has been a part of Daniels’ Non-Acute Team for almost two years – he has grown from primarily doing what many consider traditional “cold calls” to speak to potential partners, into a full-blown account manager. Through consistent follow-up, genuinely caring and always wanting what’s best for his customers, Jack has quite the partner base. He’s garnered the respect of many facilities by helping them improve safety, efficiency, and education when it comes to healthcare waste management – while lowering their total costs.

We’re pretty proud of him. Below he gives you an insight into his role within the organization. This is a great interview for any non-acute care clinicians or even someone considering a career with Daniels in sales.


Let's start with the basics. Jack, can you explain what the non-acute team at Daniels does?

"The non-acute team's focus is providing Daniels' solutions to all healthcare facility customers that are not a hospital. This can vary from dentists and private practices to surgery centers, skilled nursing homes, and everything in between. A large part of our day is introducing Daniels' reusable solution to potential partners that may not be familiar with the concept of safety engineered containers for sharps, pharmaceuticals, and various other waste streams. 

We also strive to provide exceptional service for our current non-acute customer base while working closely with our Customer Excellence Team, Field Service Mangers, and our various Operations plants across the country. All the Daniels teams operate to maintain focus on what's important: each customer's experience." 


For any clinicians who may be reading this, what would you want them to know about our Non-Acute team?

"That we are here to help. The medical waste industry is a highly regulated industry which also makes it highly confusing. People want to do the right thing but aren’t sure what that looks like with local, state, and federal regulations constantly changing. Our team strives to be a valued partner to prospects and customers alike. Just because you aren’t paying us doesn’t mean we can’t be a valuable resource."


Talk to Jack's team


How do you approach telling people about Daniels?

"Our approach is unique when discussing with potential partners. The healthcare industry hasn’t changed much over the years with most offices still utilizing the “bag in a box approach” and purchasing one-time use disposable containers. Daniels' reusable container solution is typically a new concept to most so our team starts by introducing the idea as something they haven’t heard of before but is certainly worth looking into. From there we loop in various contacts from the site (EVS, Nursing, Facilities, etc.) to learn about their current process and see if we could provide value and be a fit."


Daniels has a very clear mission: to Make Healthcare Safer. But what makes you personally believe in Daniels services and products?

"What Daniels offers is very easy to believe in. Every day we make healthcare facilities a safer place to be and work. That alone should make everyone excited about what we are doing here."

Editor's note: we did not pay him to say any of that.



Okay, now I'd like to touch on your career and daily work here in general for someone who may be interested in joining team Daniels. Why do you pursue non-acute facilities instead of acute? What happens if you have a good relationship with someone who works at an acute facility, like a hospital? 

"Daniels has a team of Business Managers working across the country that focus on the acute care market. Our team supplements this by taking care of all other sizes of healthcare waste generators. With the frequent consolidation and acquisitions of companies in healthcare, often times the non-acute team will cross paths with our acute care counterparts. In this instance, we work together to provide a custom solution that meets the needs of the acute care facility as well as the network of off-site locations."


How does your team bond and keep morale up? Calling and communicating with new folks everyday can really wear you down.

"We are small team, for now, so we are a tight-knit group that always shares all of our wins, no matter how small. Remembering why we are here (see previous question) definitely keeps us motivated."


And how do you celebrate wins? For example, new partners choosing Daniels?

"Celebrating wins is always important. Aside from the occasional primal scream and fist pump, we do have a decorative gong. The team requirement is to give it a bang for every win. Since we are a smaller office, we can usually get 40+ people getting in on the fun. If Dan Daniels is around, which he often is, you might even get a high-five from the CEO."


What has surprised you most in your role?

"That could be a long list so I’ll focus on a couple. First, the industry itself was something I had never thought about before joining Daniels. When you visit the dentist, doctor, or have surgery, you just show up, get taken care of, then leave.  Where that needle from your IV or flu shot goes is never a concern. However, it is a very big concern for that nurse or doctor as it is their responsibility to properly dispose and collect of every needle they touch. Second is the interest and excitement I see when showing these same clinicians the Daniels reusable containers. It may not sound exciting to most, but if I were handling potentially infectious needles on a daily basis, I’d appreciate a much safer way of doing so."


At Daniels we make it a point to know that not every customer may be the best fit for our services. We try to be respectful of other's time and our own. In your experience, what type of customer is not an ideal fit for Daniels' solutions? 

"Daniels can certainly provide an option for anyone and everyone in the healthcare industry that generates medical waste. However, in terms of our reusable container solution, if may not make sense for everyone. Typically, customers that generate a high volume of sharps or other waste streams will see the most value by properly segregating their waste. We can help reduce their total waste output, saving time and money ordering one-time use containers. Oh, and reducing needle stick injuries by over 80% is pretty important too."


What would you say to someone considering joining our Non-Acute team?

"There are opportunities to work for a lot of different companies and sell a lot of different things, speaking from experience. If you’re motivated by providing a service and product that makes healthcare safer and literally saves lives, this might be the team for you. Don’t worry, we also like to make money and have fun."


And that concludes our interview! If you enjoyed what Jack had to say and want to work with his team to explore your facility's options using Daniels healthcare waste management services click here.

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