Written by Therese Schultz
13 Jun 2018

Championing the Daniels Customer Experience

Daniels was established by our founder, Dan Daniels, by listening to the voices of healthcare workers (our customers), understanding clinical pressures, and designing never-before-seen sharps container solutions that revolutionized healthcare safety and efficiency needs. Our customer focus, 32 years later, is more important than ever as we respond to changing needs in the healthcare landscape. 

Across our business today, hundreds of people represent the Daniels “experience” but we wanted to single out a few of our customer excellence staff to understand what drives them in their pursuit of delivering an exceptional customer experience:  

What is the “mantra” of our customer excellence team?

"The reason why we are where we are at today is Dan Daniels' humility and willingness to listen to what healthcare workers, nursing staff and infection control practitioners were saying. As a team, we try to live out Dan’s legacy in listening our customers’ complaints and requests, acknowledging each individually and working to drive change on their behalf.

Our team ultimately has three main focuses: retention, excellence, and voice of the customer. We are the medium between the customer and the company and each day strive to be outstanding and surpass ordinary standards."

Jason Flores, Daniels Health


Customer Service in the field – what a revolutionary idea!

Two of our team members, Olja Sheremeni and Annie Avis, work in our hospitals every day! They are not sitting in a corporate office trying to understand our customers’ needs over the phone – they are physically present in our hospital accounts; walking the departments, engaging with clinical staff and truly understanding the environment that influences medical waste outcomes.  

"I want to ensure I am delivering value to our customers; ensuring that we have supplied the right sharps container sizes relevant to the volume of sharps being generated, that hospital staff are exercising safe and compliant practices, that sharps container mounting height is appropriated to container weight levels, container positioning complements the workflow of the hospital, and medical waste storage and pickups are being managed in accordance with state regulations."

Olja Sheremeni, Daniels Health

"I am an account manager for 15 facilities in Indiana; I take pride in being a partner, rather just than a vendor. I am there helping facilities write their policies regarding Hazmat, safety, EOC reports, and so on. Each day I participate in nursing staff meetings to ensure I understand the pressures and focuses of each facility we are partnering with."

Annie Avis, Daniels Health

Company-wide customer focus

As well as our field experts, we also have some incredible talent within our Chicago support office that interfaces with customer enquiries.  

"We want to ensure the customer has a consistent experience; from the first welcome call right through to ongoing account management. I love the service focus of our company, for example, the focus on calling every one of our customers that were affected by the recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas to see if there was any support we could offer. We strive to provide each customer with an opportunity to tell us how they feel about our services and what we can do better."

Ernyta Hytower, Daniels Health

Jason Flores is one of many “customer champions” that believes that the way we support our customers is intrinsic to our company mission. "At Daniels, making healthcare safer is our main objective, but in this pursuit we want to deliver the highest level of value to our customers. We save our customers money through smart segregation, audits, and workflow education; we deliver solutions that prescribe to the unique needs of each facility. We are focused on safety outcomes; we are instrumental in capturing data around needlestick injuries to understand “cause” before proposing a solution. We believe in partnerships."

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Therese Schultz

Therese Schultz

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