Written by Therese Schultz
24 Sep 2017

Driving customer value through field service

"They are our eyes and ears; they are the people that our customers assume Daniels consists of"

We spoke with Chris Macke, our Senior Service Manager, to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of our Field Service Technicians. While they are responsible for the inspection and servicing of our medical waste disposal and sharps container products, they also form an integral part of training and working with our customers to achieve the safest and most cost-effective medical waste segregation outcomes for the facilities they work in. 


What are the daily responsibilities of our field service technicians?

In essence, our field service technicians are the entire front line for Daniels Health for any given customer and as much as they are working for Daniels, they are equally working to get the best outcomes for the facilities they work in. 

The members of our field service team act as both a customer service representative and an account manager. They consistently check in with each customer account that they are responsible for and conduct ongoing auditing and training on our containment systems to ensure correct use. Our Field Service teams are educated on medial waste disposal standards and regulations within the states they work, so they are able to advise where required for non-compliance. 

In this role, the controllables are extremely important in the success of our field service team. For example, attitude is a controllable. If a field service tech has a positive attitude and strives to satisfy every person they speak with on the job, then they are doing a great job. As a hiring manager, I look for candidates with leadership ability. Our field service technicians tend to have great attitudes and values that align with our business.


How do our services enhance safe practices and better medical waste segregation?

Our field service technicians provide local support to the staff at our customers’ facilities, they work alongside clinical staff and EVS, and are the go-to Daniels representatives for any changes or challenges that arise. As a business, our imperative is that our Field Service Techs achieve the safest processes and value-driven outcomes for the customers they are working with every day. Through timely identification of incorrect medical waste disposal and sharps container processes as they arise, and on-site education, our team are constantly working to ensure the facility has the correct sized containers to handle volume, thereby decreasing number of turns and cost impact for the customer. By identifying safety risks or inhibitors and educating on proper usage of our products, we ensure hospital staff protection.


How do the technicians further our relationships with staff at a hospital?

At Daniels Health, we are truly partnering with each customer that we work with; we do not want to be a vendor, we want to be a partner. As a busines we see it as our responsibility to act as an extension of our customers' staff and facility, not an outsider with inhibitive demands. Our Field Service team become as much of a "part of the furniture" as clinical and EVS staff because they are ultimately supporting the same ideals - safest practices, most environmental outcomes, most cost-effective processes.

Across the United States we have roughly 300 field service technicians, and are constantly adding to this number as our company continues to grow. The more field service technicians we have, the more customers that we can support and satisfy.


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Therese Schultz

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