We are honored to partner with the Advent Health system in delivering integrated healthcare waste management services.  


Our backstory : Daniels Health was born 38 years ago in a garage in Melbourne Australia when our founder was a 21 year old microbiology student trying to resolve the threat of needlestick injuries in healthcare settings. Across a global landscape, our story has impacted millions of lives and transformed the safe waste handling and disposal practices of thousands of healthcare organizations - we are so passionate about what we do every day and excited to partner with you in driving change. So... let's get started on some of the how-to's of navigating our partnership : 


For any questions or for more information on your Purchase Orders, please email: AdventHealthPO@danielshealth.com


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Customer Service

At Daniels Health, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading customer service for disposal of any medical waste. Even throughout the pandemic we delivered 99% of our pickups in full and on time, meaning you can always count on us to reliably handle your needs.

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Our Locations

We believe that healthcare safety is a global imperative, and that our journey is just beginning. To reach out to one of our global head offices for local support, please find direct contact details below.

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Billing and Contracts

To help you navigate your invoices, we've put together a few 'how-to' steps to quickly identify billing line items.

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Standards and Regulations

Daniels’ aim is to meet or exceed all applicable international and U.S. standards for medical waste and sharps disposal and to comply with all regulations relating to its operations in any given regulatory jurisdiction.

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Fuel Levy

How is the fuel levy calculated? Please refer to the Fuel Surcharge Section below to understand the fuel levy calculation.

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With constantly changing local and federal regulations, complex guidelines surrounding the safe handling, containment and disposal of healthcare generated waste streams, we want to make the journey as easy as possible for you to understand and navigate.

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Choose the right container.

All Daniels containers are designed for instant waste stream recognition. Our Ivory and Red (with ivory lid) containers are designed for used clinical sharps. The red version is designed without a safety tray and is to be used in non-public areas only. The yellow container is designed for sharps that contain less than 3% of chemotherapy drugs, and the purple container is designed for non-hazardous pharmaceuticals. 


Your Safety is our Priority.

At Daniels we are passionate about creating safety-engineered products that save lives for frontline healthcare workers, and for patients. If you have any questions about the use of a Daniels containment system, or your current waste movement or collection services, please reach out to one of our customer service professionals so we can assist. 





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If you have questions about your facility's service schedule or waste protocols, connect with your Daniels account management team!