How to Open and Close a Sharps Container

Learning how to open and close a sharps container correctly is crucial for ensuring safety in healthcare and various other industries where sharps are used. Sharps containers, designed to safely dispose of needles and other sharp objects, play a vital role in protecting healthcare workers, patients, and the community from injuries and infections.

This page features instructional videos that demonstrate both how to open a sharps container and how to close a sharps container from our S-Series. The Sharpsmart container comes with a variety of safety features that were designed from clinician feedback, and it can be opened and securely closed in just a few seconds.

The Daniels Health Range

Daniels Health is proud to be a leader in medical waste management, providing an extensive range of sharps containers and disposal services tailored to the needs of healthcare and related industries. Recognized for our commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability, we offer innovative and compliant solutions for handling medical waste.

Opening a Sharps Container the Safe Way

Wondering how to open a closed sharps container? The process is safe and efficient with Sharpsmart

With the gravity balanced safety tray, you’re shielded from accidental hand contact with sharps, ensuring they’re directed away securely. This easy drop tray, coupled with the container’s wide opening, allows for effortless disposal, mitigating the risk of overfill and allowing the container to remain open until it’s full without concern for unwanted access. 

Additionally, the clearview window provides a peek into the container's fill level without revealing its contents..

Closing a Sharps Container the Safe Way

Daniels Health sharps containers feature easy, safe closing mechanisms. A temporary lock allows for secure transport, while an automatic tray lock prevents overfilling when contents reach their maximum capacity.

When full, activating the permanent lock ensures the container can only be opened at a Daniels facility, offering a no-leak seal against spillage and tamper-proof security against unauthorized access. These features combine to provide a reliable solution for safely closing sharps containers.

Why Proper Use Is Critical

Opening and closing a sharps container correctly isn't just about ticking off a checklist; it's a vital practice that directly impacts the safety of those in healthcare environments. Incorrect handling can lead to needlestick injuries, where a used needle accidentally pierces the skin. Such injuries aren't just painful; they can be gateways for transmitting dangerous infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

Every time a sharps disposal container is mishandled, it potentially exposes healthcare workers, cleaning staff, and even patients to these life-altering pathogens. That's why being diligent about the simple act of opening and closing sharps containers is essential—it's a direct line of defense against these significant health hazards.

Discover More Today

Understanding how to open and close a sharps container is essential for maintaining safety in healthcare settings. Our instructional videos provide clear, step-by-step guidance on both opening a closed sharps container and securely closing it after use, ensuring the safety of healthcare workers and patients alike.

For more detailed information on our innovative products and services and to access additional resources for safe sharps management, we encourage you to contact Daniels Health. Our team is dedicated to supporting healthcare facilities in enhancing safety and efficiency in sharps disposal and management.




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