Written by Benjamin Mandel
13 Jul 2022

Inside Daniels: Field Service Expertise with Brian Nelson

When healthcare facilities around the country work with Daniels Health, they work with a team of dedicated partners across various areas of responsibility. One of those key areas is Field Service, who are responsible for overseeing container management in customer settings.

We asked Brian Nelson, Regional Field Service Manager, to share his insights around supporting our customers on effective waste stream management since joining as a supervisor two years ago.


1 / What does the Field Service team do?

2 / What does a typical day look like?

3 / What is your favorite part about your job?

4 / Tell us about a challenge you overcame

5 / Final thoughts  

What does the Field Service team do?

In many respects, the Field Service team is the day-to-day face of Daniels. We interact with clinical staff, go into patient rooms, and develop relationships with the hospitals that allow us to know the needs of our customers.

For the accounts that do not require a Field Service Representative on site, our leadership team routinely schedules walks with the customer to receive feedback about service, look for areas of opportunity, and capture the necessary information to ensure our customers’ safety and compliance.

We also work hand-in-hand with the sales, operations, and implementation teams. As a result of our forward-facing role, we gather an incredible wealth of knowledge that directly benefits Daniels’ ability to provide our customers with the highest quality product.  

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days look the same. While I am a full-time Regional Manager for Daniels – overseeing Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Western New York – I am also a husband and full-time dad of three girls. I support hospitals across five different states and there are often times when I am on the road for several weeks in a row.

When I am traveling, I am inside the four walls of our customers’ facilities to ensure they are receiving the best service. I conduct facility walks, manage trainings with my supervisors, and develop support projects. My evenings are spent in hotel rooms responding to emails and completing necessary administrative tasks. Oftentimes I am also helping my girls with their homework through FaceTime.

When I am home in Cincinnati, I am taking calls, facilitating meetings, and am in regular contact with my team. I am also fortunate to have the time to take my oldest daughter to karate, coach my middle daughter’s lacrosse team, and watch my youngest perform at piano recitals. After my daughters go to bed, I am back at my computer. Finding the balance can be challenging at times, but I am committed to being both a Regional Manager and father to my girls. 

What is your favorite part of your job? What are you most proud of accomplishing?

My favorite part of my job is the opportunity to creatively develop projects that benefit Daniels as a whole. I love the fact that we are encouraged to step out of our day-to-day responsibilities to help other areas of the business grow more holistically.

A current project that I am really enjoying is “Daniels on Display,” where we are spotlighting the more personal and unique sides of our Field Service members on LinkedIn (check out #TeamDaniels).

While my favorite part of the job is the project development and implementation, the success we have had with these initiatives would not be possible without what I am most proud of accomplishing: creating a rockstar Field Service team.

For several difficult months, my team and I were away from home servicing facilities for 12-plus hour days with a bare-bones staff. Through a highly intentional process, we added people to our team with a mindful goal of not just filling a specific position but with the intention of benefiting our team down the road.

Using a three-part system for hiring, we first make sure that candidates will be a fit with Daniels’ culture. Next, we assess if they will meet the standards and expectations within our existing Field Service team, and finally, ensure that they will be a good fit within the specific hospital required. Building this extraordinary team has led to a dramatic improvement in the quality and efficiency of our service, productivity, and overall performance.

Can you describe an example of a big customer challenge that you’ve worked through? What was the problem and how did we help solve it?

In December of 2020, a third-party report we commissioned indicated a variety of issues and overall dissatisfaction with Daniels' service at a hospital system in Ohio. In response to this feedback, I traveled to the hospital system for several months to make sure we heard and addressed each specific concern.

Our leadership team broke down all the areas of concern, laid out an action plan to the system leaders with deadlines for each item addressed, and kept our contact up to date with our progress. Ultimately, we rectified each issue within the timelines we had established, made staff adjustments, and strengthened the relationship with the customer. Due to our commitment to meet both their and our expectations, they are now raving fans of Daniels. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

What we do and how we support each other is unmatched. Our team members are always ready and willing to step out of their roles to selflessly support others whenever needed. The comradery and commitment to each other’s success are truly unlike any other company I’ve experienced. I am deeply proud to be a part of #TeamDaniels.






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