Today you begin using a sharps container built to protect you!

The Daniels Sharpsmart container is at your service. This sharps disposal system is going to create a new normal in safe sharps for you that reduces the risks of injury and cross-contamination. In a snapshot, here is what you will discover with your new Sharpsmart container: 


  • Inbuilt safety mechanisms, including both temporary and permanent locks - see tip #1 following this list
  • No risk of force-jamming sharps! A safety tray will prevent hand access 
  • Wide disposal opening. No more forcing sharps into a small hole! 
  • No caps, casings, cages or other "extra steps" to consider when removing from a wall 
  • Our universal bracket system will enable you to mount, move or transport seamlessly throughout the clinical environment 
  • The safest container in the world is now in your hands... let us prove it! 




Tip # 1

Don't Press those Red Tabs Yet! 

The Sharpsmart's temporary locks are located along the front lip of the container, above the label - the permanent locks are located along the sides and can be activated by pressing the red tabs down to slide the locks in place. Once a container is permanently locked, it can only be opened at a Daniels facility. Only activate permanent locks when the container is full. 

Sharpsmart Sharps Container Safety Features

Choose the right container.

All Daniels containers are designed for instant waste stream recognition. Our Ivory and Red (with ivory lid) containers are designed for used clinical sharps. The red version is designed without a safety tray and is to be used in non-public areas only. The yellow container is designed for sharps that contain less than 3% of chemotherapy drugs, and the purple container is designed for non-hazardous pharmaceuticals. 



Your Safety is our Priority.

At Daniels we are passionate about creating safety-engineered products that save lives. If you have any questions about the use of a Daniels containment system, or your current waste movement or collection services, please reach out to one of our customer service professionals so we can assist.