Today is your day! You're off to great places. You're off and away! 

With a little literary help from the great Dr Seuss, we are so glad that today is the day you have discovered Daniels Sharpsmart, we know that in the conversation of safety, this new sharps disposal system is going to take you places! In a snapshot, here is what you will discover with your new Sharpsmart container: 


  • Inbuilt safety mechanisms, including secure tamper-proof side locks 
  • No risk of force-jamming sharps! A safety tray will prevent hand access 
  • Wide disposal opening. No more forcing sharps into a small hole! 
  • No caps, casings, cages or other "extra steps" to consider when removing from a wall 
  • Our universal bracket system will enable you to mount, move or transport seamlessly throughout the clinical environment 
  • The safest container in the world is now in your hands... let us prove it! 




Sharpsmart Sharps Container Safety Features

Efficiency and Movement

Daniels’ patented engineered accessory systems are designed to optimize space, overcome logistical challenges, and enable point-of-use disposal. Providing safe cradle to grave waste management, the Daniels suite of mounting brackets, trolleys and carts ensure that Daniels collectors are always suspended from the ground, and their engineered mobility provides safe bedside disposal and seamless movement between different work environments and applications.

Storage Optimization

Daniels’ interchangeable containment systems are supported by a range of mounting accessories that ensure collectors are always suspended from the ground, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the hospital environment, Daniels solutions include wall mounts, interchangeable trolley cradles, bench brackets, and bulk movement solutions sized specific to standard hospital corridors. Daniels versatile wall mounting systems for clean rooms, and bulk storage units for loading dock, ensure that valuable hospital footprint is preserved, and the interchange of full and empty containers is seamless.

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