Medical Waste Solutions for Texas Healthcare Facilities

Providing modern solutions that put safety and infection control first - Making Healthcare Safer

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Local healthcare waste management

Delivering an exceptional customer experience by providing reliable solutions and services that meet your facility's unique needs.

  • Hands-free medical waste disposal
  • Safety Designed Sharps Containers
  • Secure locking Pharmaceutical Bins
  • Transparent complex-free Contracts
  • Full service waste collection and disposal

Providing Texas Industry-Leading Medical Waste Disposal Services

We don't believe everything needs to be bigger in Texas - especially your medical waste disposal bill. 


Lower total costs is only the beginning of what makes Daniels a great partner for your healthcare facility. Through our clinically-designed containers and medical waste services, we can provide: 

  • Local service by a dedicated team
  • Cradle-to-Grave compliance when picking up, handling, and treating your sharps, pharmaceuticals and medical waste
  • Disposal and Treatment Solutions for all healthcare waste streams
  • The option of reusable and sustainable healthcare waste containers – ditch the single-use plastic!
  • Services and containers scientifically proven to increase your safetysustainability, and efficiencies


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Helping Texas Healthcare Facilities manage their medical waste

Our local Houston Team. 

Established in 2016, our Houston plant services Dallas, Houston, Forth Worth, San Antonio, Austin and all places in between its 42,507 square mile service route. With our own trucks, robotic washing equipment and treatment, we can ensure that all customers in our serviceable areas are serviced by our drivers and all waste is manifested, transported and treated within the state. Our local team have have 80 years of collective experience in servicing healthcare, with regulatory and compliance expertise in Texas medical waste management. Passionate about our mission of making healthcare safer and delivering a world-class, locally-focused customer experience, our team pride themselves on building partnerships that can grow with us. Our Houston team will: 

  • Manage all waste pickups and scheduling 
  • Are your customer service go-to support partners! 
  • Are experts in all things compliance when it comes to local regulations.