Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Houston


The 4th largest city in the US, Houston, is often referred to as “Space City” because it is home to the Johnson Space Center. The final frontier of space isn’t even the last of the large claims to fame for this city—it’s also where one of the world’s most famous superstars was born, Beyoncé! Daniels Health is happy to have a servicing plant that calls Houston home too. 


Life in Houston has formed around its waters as it is now one of the busiest ports in the country. The potential an industry in the city has been high since it was formed in 1837. Houstonians have grown the city into a beautiful blend of cultures and interests that make it a delightful place to live. Whether your interests are far-out art galleries or trying a new dish at the latest restaurant, Houston has it.

Daniels Health is proud to be able to provide healthcare waste management solutions to the area. After all, Houston is home to The Texas Medical Center—the largest medical center in the world! The medical center gets an average of 7.2 million visits per year, which means lots of healthcare waste. Houston cares about protecting their citizens, patients, and the environment. Daniels Health is happy to help them. To stay current on all health happenings in Houston, bookmark the local Health Department page.

Whether you call it Space City or Bayou City, we call it home.


Houston Healthcare Waste Management with a difference.


Although technology is advancing faster now than ever, a lot of healthcare facilities have medical waste solutions that are outdated.  It is important to keep up with current practices in healthcare and ensure that you have the latest safety devices to protect yourself and your patients. Daniels Health was created to provide innovative healthcare wastes solutions that were not only top-tier in terms of safety but sustainability too. We have to consider our environment and the long-term repercussions of how we handle waste. Daniels Health is proud to have engineered healthcare waste containers that have features derived from clinician feedback. We are a full healthcare waste management partner that also delivers services, scheduling and regulatory guidance that supports the unique requirements of every sized patient care facility.