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Daniels is a rare find in a commoditized industry – a company that is clinically purposed, focused specifically on healthcare, and guarantees clinical, safety and cost outcomes. At Daniels Health we genuinely believe in the value of what we do.


We think differently…  

We are a company that has innovated greatly. We were the first company in the world to design a reusable sharps container system, we are the only company that has achieved global recognition for our industry-leading robotic washing and sanitization system, we are the only company with multiple peer reviewed studies published in medical journals, and we continue to lead the industry in a business model that puts customer value first.

When we met Provista, it was a partnership at first sight! An organization that exists to drive value for its members finds it composite in Daniels Health – a safety-driven medical waste management company focused on clinical outcomes. Bringing cost transparency, contract simplicity and service flexibility to hospitals, dentists, physicians offices and surgical centers alike – Daniels Health has proved itself to be the leading medical waste management partner to US healthcare facilities. All waste streams. The best containment systems in the world. A different approach that makes sense.

We are focused on your clinical outcomes 

As a Provista member, we would love the opportunity to show you how the Daniels Experience could transform the costs and clinical outcomes of your facility’s medical waste management. With seamless solutions for the safe and compliant management of pharmaceutical and trace chemotherapy waste, sharps containers, red bag or regulated medical waste, and the categorization, denaturing and disposal of unused medications – there is no company more qualified to manage your facility’s medical waste processes. 


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"Daniels is a true partner..."

Daniels has always been professional, courteous and responsiveness to our needs. A pleasure to work with in all phases of the business, from customer service to delivering outcomes necessary in a very competitive marketplace. Daniels contributes to our organization from the standpoint of Safety, Productivity, Quality and Environmental awareness. Daniels is not just a solutions provider, but a true partner in our business.

Tim Underwood, GM Facilities – Aramark

Ingalls Memorial Hospital

Daniels impact on efficiency...

Switching to Medismart saved our organization nearly $13,000. We also reduced the non-productive time that my staff had been spending switching over disposable sharps containers, and the number of trips for one of my staff members to pick up RMW containers, by 50%. That allowed us to focus more on the cleaning of the hospital in other areas.

Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager

Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

"Reduces our footprint..."

We take pride in improving our environmental footprint; this is one of the reasons we selected Daniels Health for medical waste removal services. Daniels technology reduces our waste footprint and needlestick injuries. Our working relationship with Daniels has been simple, reliable and easy for the hospital. I would readily recommend Daniels to other healthcare facilities.

Bill Brandow (EVS Director)

Anniston Regional Medical Center