Solutions for Provista Physician Offices.


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As an industry leader, Daniels works with Provista and offers members the opportunity to transform their waste management practices.  We aim to deliver solutions that maximize safe access to medical waste disposal, minimize labor burden and protect staff and patients through safety-engineered products.


Daniels' Solutions for Physicians   

Daniels has innovated world-leading products and systems that radically change how medial waste is disposed of and flows through physician offices across the United States. Taking a customized approach for each unique facility, we will manage Provista members' with container and disposal solutions for red bag medical waste, biohazardous sharps, pharmaceutical waste, RCRA hazardous waste, and onsite and online training and compliance. With the second largest service infrastructure in the United States delivering flexible and consistent service to thousands of healthcare facilities, Daniels brings a distinct quality and service difference to medical waste management. 

The Most Innovative Solution for Medical Waste Management

Designed by clinicians for ultimate risk mitigation, all Daniels sharps, medical waste and pharmaceutical waste containers are leakproof, tamper-proof, penetration resistant and much more clinically acceptable than a cardboard box! Our solutions are designed to optimally manage all healthcare waste streams in the most efficient and cost effective manner, ensuring risk and safety controls are upheld, labor and efficiencies are optimized, patient disruption is minimized and medical waste volumes are reduced. 


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The most innovative and cost-effective healthcare waste solutions in the United States


Daniels unique services deliver substantial cost savings. Our reusable containers eliminate the purchasing, assembly and disposal costs of boxes and disposable containers, removing a significant cost surplus from your medical waste management.  


With containment systems to suit all locations and volume requirements, and flexible service scheduling to cater for each customer's waste volume requirements, Daniels ensures minimum disruption to your facility.


Daniels container mounting and movement accessories enable sharps and medical waste containers to be positioned at point of care, flexible options for wall mounting, bench mounting or mobile trolleys to wheel containers in and out of patient environments.


With Daniels, you can know exactly what you are paying. With no hidden costs, no automatic price increases or contract renewals, and transparent customer service, we position ourselves as a partner rather than a provider. 


Choosing reusable containers dramatically reduces the volume of plastic and cardboard being disposed of in landfill, together with lessening CO2 emissions by the elimination of manufacturing and destruction. 


We don't take risks with patient and staff safety, all Daniels dental waste containment solutions are designed to protect users, and our compliance team ensures that each facility we work with is fully compliant to all local and federally mandated regulations.