Solutions for Provista Long Term Care Facilities.


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'Making Healthcare Safer' is the philosophy that has guided Daniels throughout the past 32 years; we are committed to developing the safest, most environmentally friendly products and services available for long term care facilities. 


Safest Solutions for Long Term Care  

Daniels partners with Provista to reduce risk exposure and increase awareness of sharps safety within long term care facilities. As a company we are focused on curating solutions that support, rather than interrupt, the continuum of patient care. Daniels solutions cover every aspect of healthcare waste management with support for all wastestreams generated in long term care environments. Whether it's sharps, regulated medical waste, pharmaceuticals or RCRA hazardous disposal, we have safety-designed solutions that optimize disposal safety, containment security and sustainable treatment. 


One Single Vendor and Waste Management Expert 

As partners, we work with long term care and senior living facilities to develop a customized medical waste plan that will deliver maximized savings, efficiencies, and compliance. Our partnership does not stop there; we continue to conduct waste audits to ensure your facility is fully utilizing our solutions and is OSHA compliant. With our trusted team trained in compliance and regulations, they ensure your costs are greatly reduced and you are freed to focus on those in your care. 


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The most innovative and cost-effective long term care waste solutions in the United States


Daniels' solutions eliminate unnecessary costs associated with throwing away bags, boxes and disposable containers. Tamperproof and secure locking containers reduce risk liability.


Daniels container accessories enable sharps, medical waste and pharmaceutical containers to be positioned at point of care. Options include wall mounting, bench mounting, static stands and mobile trolleys which can be wheeled to patient bedside 


Our reusable containers undergo a rigorous 6-stage robotic wash and sanitization process that eliminates challenge organisms and proves a 106 Log reduction in bacterial load. Containers are cleaned and sanitized after each use! 


Foot pedal operated accessories eliminate hand access and minimize odor expulsion; clinically designed containers with inbuilt safety trays and secure locking mechanisms ensure potentially harmful or infectious waste is concealed.


Our ecologically designed solutions positively impact sustainability targets, minimize landfill and help reduce CO2 burden for healthcare facilities. The elimination of boxes also reduces cost of procurement, assembly time and handling risk. 


Experts in navigating the complexities of local and federal regulations, Daniels partners with long term care facilities to ensure compliant practices are achieved through all waste management practices, and facility risk exposure is minimized.