Surgical Solutions for Provista Members.


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Bringing transparency and clinical focus back to medical waste, Daniels is a proud waste management partner of Provista. Daniels services provide surgery centers the safest and most efficient multi-waste stream segregation in a high-pressure OR environment with point-of-use ease.


Solutions Suited for the OR Environment  

In a fast paced intensive OR environment, it is critical to safely dispose of sharps and surgical devices. Our containment systems are clinically engineered to accommodate safety and point-of-use accessibility in the OR for regulated medical waste, surgical devices and surgical sharps. Not only will our solutions protect staff and patients, but will also minimize labor, reduce the number of containers required in a small-footprint environment, and provide an efficient means of clear segregation for cost optimization and effective waste segregation.  


One Partner for all Services

To ensure all of Provista's members are satisified, we provide a customized approach to each surgery center we partner with. Through our service model, we offer tailored service scheduling in a timely manner and environmentally responsible treatment methods. Our clinically engineered medical waste and sharps disposal container systems protect users in the disposal of sharps, surgical devices, pharmaceuticals and regulated medical waste, while adhering to the highest standards of regulatory compliance. 


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The Daniels Difference


You will never have to buy a red bag, box, sharps or pharmaceutical container again; eliminate the double-purchasing costs of medical waste disposal. 


Hands-free waste disposal; bins robotically washed and sanitized after every fill; Daniels solutions introduce a new hygiene, cleanliness and decontamination standard


With Daniels, you will not get your waste contracted to another company; we manage every aspect of waste collection, protecting your risk from cradle to grave. 


We listen, we action, we expedite! We understand that medical waste services are critical to your patient care, and our local services are flexible to adapt to your needs.