Written by Megan Chamberlain
06 Oct 2018

Celebrating Customer Service Week

“We’re everyday people turning everyday experiences into remarkable memories in the healthcare field” - Jasmine Smith, one of our valued Plant Administrators in Westland, MI


What is customer service?

We know all of our customers are busy caring of others.  In an effort, to give you more time to make a positive impact in the world, we have created a new communication tree.  You can see that tree here; this provides a quick reference guide for any and all questions or concerns that you may have.


Customer Service is not just a department or bullet points on an employee’s job description.  It’s not about following procedures, policies, or conducting surveys.  It’s the ability to show empathy to the individuals that make our mission possible while creating memorable and positive experiences for each of our customers."

Jason Flores


The Journey from Customer Service to Customer Excellence…


At Daniels, our team strives toward delivering exceptional Customer Excellence. Back in 2017, we restructured our Customer Service department to reflect our core values, which led to the birth of our Customer Excellence department. Customer service means doing everything possible to ensure the customer is satisfied. Even one unhappy customer means we have failed. This failure, no matter the severity, could be the reason a customer chooses another option or forever speaks ill of Daniels. However, we will never settle for just “okay,” we are not some 2-star Yelp-reviewed takeout restaurant that just happens to be close to your apartment so you always go there. Customer excellence means going above and beyond to surpass the needs of the customer while improving the overall experience. 

We want our customers to trust us.  We have fallen short in the past and we are making moves to constantly improve and understand our customer’s needs.   We are listening, and we are taking action.  We know we have the safest product on the market, but that means nothing if our customer’s don’t entrust us with their business.  Our key improvements in the coming months are:

  • Speed and simplicity – Quick responses and resolutions
  • Communication – A clear understanding of who to contact for every concern
  • Improve each touchpoint – Any time a Daniels employee, regardless of their title, speaks to a customer, they are acting as a customer excellence advocate.


We understand that our customers are our most important asset. In order to grow, we need to continually re-evaluate the customer experience we are delivering. 


Help us be Better! We want to hear it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This customer service week, we ask you to share your experience and join us in the conversation by taking our survey here. This is not a pat-ourselves-on-the-back survey. We really want you to stick it to us if you have cause to do so.


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